This week: These numbers are funnier when compared to other numbers.

Animation of little girl drifting while driving a toy car76 percent

Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 who “are confident they fully understand the financial responsibilities of owning a car,” according to Junior Achievement. Meanwhile, “85 percent of parents with 15-17-year-old teenagers disagree.”

Animation of man jumping in and out of the water as he swims25 percent

U.S. adults who say they “would swim within one hour of having diarrhea,” according to the Water Quality & Health Council. Meanwhile, “60 percent admit to swallowing pool water while swimming.”

Animation of a slow zoom into six shocked cartoon faces who saw some odd statistics on TV44 percent

Americans who trust their friends the most “for movie and TV recommendations,” according to Roku. Interestingly, “only 19 percent trusted the recommendations of their partners or significant others the most.”

Animation of man attempting to throw a pancake into his mouth but missing25 percent

U.S. workers who say “they gained more than 10 pounds at their current job,” according to Careerbuilder. While “sitting at a desk most of the day” (51 percent) and “too tired from work to exercise”(45 percent) were the main reasons, 4 percent said the cause were too many “happy hours.”

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