Use the money you earn to get your education

Student loan debt is more than $1.3 trillion across the country but young people heading off to college isn’t slowing down. But you may not need a loan to make it through school — if you’re a sugar baby.

Non-escort dating site Honey Daddy says most “Sugar Babies” — those who spend time with “Sugar Daddies” for an “upgraded lifestyle” — spend their financial support on college-related costs, mostly tuition.

Honey Daddy even knows where sugar babies are going to college because they’ve used their .edu email addresses through registration to determine the most popular schools for users. Among the top cities and schools where sugar babies attend college:

  • New York City (New York University and Columbia University)
  • Houston, TX (University of Houston, Rice University)
  • Chicago (University of Chicago)
  • Los Angeles (University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California)
  • Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania, Temple University)
  • Atlanta (Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University)

“With college tuition costing so much money we aren’t surprised to find that women turn to alternative forms of income like entering into a sugar relationship,” says Emma Dean, HoneyDaddy representative. “Financially it makes sense that Sugar Babies wouldn’t want to graduate with so much debt, not to mention the mentorship that comes with finding a Sugar Daddy.”

Student loan debt isn’t going away

More than ever, young people (and their families) believe a college education is worth it, and nearly two-thirds of Americans believe it should be free for anyone who wants to go. Unfortunately, college still costs money: you’re looking at $10,000 a year, and that’s only for in-state, public colleges. It’s even more for out-of-state and/or private colleges and universities.

Families with mounting student loan debt are putting off contributing to savings and retirement accounts, which puts their long-term care plans on hold to pay off college. Young adults are looking for help from more places than just their families. About 90 percent of them are looking elsewhere, including student loan repayment services, 401(k) matching, and other monetary assistance.

Weird ways to pay off your student debt

Average student loan debt has hit more than $30,000. If you’re working for less in a job you love, chances are you’re still stressed about money.

But if you’re looking to pay off your debt, you can try some non-traditional methods.

Use Honey Daddy and get yourself a sugar daddy (or mama). Like most who use the site, paying for college is one of the main reasons babies are… well…. Babies. One woman admitted she received between $1,000-3,000 each meetup. With more than $100,000 in student loan debt, quick get-togethers — that aren’t necessarily about sex for money, according to the site — sound easy enough.

You can also volunteer with groups like AmeriCorps, where you could qualify for loan forbearance. You basically postpone payments until your year of service is up, and the money you receive from working would go toward your loans. For one volunteer, it was more than $5,600 while they figured out what else to do with life.

There’s always the armed forces. If you join the Army, you could get your tuition paid for, books, room and board (lodging and food). If you can keep up your GPA and pass a physical fitness test twice a semester, you’re eligible for free college. After college, you’re required to stay in the Army for eight years to pay off your debt.

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