You don't have to spend 15 years repaying your student loans and struggling. Here's how you can do it faster.

Debt is a problem for students everywhere. Unless you have rich parents, your student loan debt is always going to be an issue. Becoming debt free as a student can take years of hard work. Many Americans continue to pay off this debt when they’re 40.

But if you get creative you can start cutting down on your student loan debt. Leading experts say that 25% of students graduate with more money owed than they should. This guide is going to help you deal with the immense debt most students will be experiencing after they graduate.

1. Volunteer and Make an Impact

Who says volunteering can’t pay?

Deal with your debt by working with Sponsor Change. This is an organization that has become famous through helping its members earn money to pay their debts. The catch is you have to join one of their volunteer projects and help the community.

Some of the options available include working at animal shelters, summer camps, and helping out in libraries. All you have to do is prove that you have a bachelor’s degree and you have student loan debt. A project can pay up to $1,000, which will be used to help you become debt free.

2. Get a Job with an Employer Offering Student Loan Perks

Student loan debt has become such a hot topic of discussion that some companies now offer help as a perk of the job. The way it works is they’ll service your debt in exchange for working with them. It acts very much in the same way as a pension plan or private health insurance.

The student loan repayment system will help graduates to pay off their debts through offering an employer-matching contributing system. This means that you could rid yourself of that large figure on your balance sheet in roughly half the time.

Take note that only a limited number of companies are offering this as a perk. Plus, you might have to trade in some other perks in order to get it.

3. Trade Your Plasma for Cash

Everyone knows that giving blood is a great way to give back. They also know that giving blood can be extremely profitable. A donor that donates blood plasma can earn almost $50 per donation. You can earn even more if you have certain rarer blood types, since there’s such a demand for it.
There’s often a waiting time of at least eight weeks with the Red Cross, but once you’re in you can become a regular donor and a regular earner.

4. Diversify Your Income

A diversified portfolio of income streams used to be considered a luxury. It’s no longer a luxury it’s become a necessity when so many put college on their credit cards. Smart graduates have decided to setup startups and come up with other income streams to get some extra money to pay their debts.

Student loan debt can soon disappear if you have multiple income streams. If you have a passive income stream you can even pay off your student loans without even thinking about it.

5. Is it Possible to Escape Your Student Loans?

The US is a country that has come down heavily on people trying to get out of paying back student loans. It’s now the only loan that can be passed to your family when you die. It also can’t be discharged by declaring bankruptcy. In short, there’s no real way to get out of paying your student loan debt.

Some students have even taken to running away from the US and starting a new life in another country. Technically, this is a way of avoiding the repayments, but those who left must keep in mind they can never return to the country they were born in.

Is it worth it?


If you have no intention of ever returning to the US it’s a good idea, but making such a decision at a young age isn’t wise. You should seriously consider whether your debt situation is truly that bad before you make such a rash move.

Last Word – So What’s the Answer?

There are lots of creative ways to get around student loan debt, but the best way to deal with them is to pay them. Focus on earning more money and the amount will decline faster. There’s no way to completely abandon them, but by concentrating on your career and your income you’ll find paying them back is a breeze.

The good news is this is the one loan that doesn’t come with huge interest rates or notices to pay back. You’ve got a loan with some of the best terms you can ask for, despite the huge amount.

Do you have problems with your debt?

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