Who has time for time off? We're too busy being distracted.

658 million

The “record-setting waste” all vacation days that U.S. employees had but didn’t take last year, according to Project: Time Off. While they took an average of 16.2 days off in 2015, more than half (55 percent) had too much work to take them every vacation day they accrued.

80 percent

Employees who “research medical decisions while at work,” according to ConsumerMedical. “The average employee spent six hours of their workday on this research.”

75 percent

Employees who say “two or more hours a day are lost in productivity because employees are distracted,” according to CareerBuilder. What are the major culprits? Texting and surfing the Internet are the top two, but coming in at No. 3 is an old-school favorite: “gossip.”

70 percent

Employees and managers who “report working more than 40 hours a week,” according to office-supply chain Staples. A result of that frenetic pace: “13 percent have even taken a workplace stress-related leave of absence.”

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