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What a “a typical American family of four receiving coverage from an employer” deals with as the cost of health insurance, according to the actuarial firm Milliman. If you think that’s a lot, know this: “The employer pays $14,793 of the total healthcare costs” for that family.


The average cost of advertising for a small business to “hire someone new,” according to It also takes “up to 4 months searching for the right candidate, depending on the job level.”

71 percent

Employees who “have had their personal snack, drink or meal stolen out of the communal office kitchen,” according to online grocer But of course, “only 35 percent admit to taking something that wasn’t theirs.”

32 percent

Senior managers who say their employees are “showing too much skin” at work, according to the staffing firm Office Team. But they’re not prudes: Only 6 percent have a problem with “visible tattoos or piercings.”

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