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How to Save Money When Buying a New Car

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Sometimes, it takes booking a flight to get the best deal on a new car.

That’s because different states have different prices – and more than $1,000 in savings can be waiting for you in a nearby city or state. Even if you don’t want to hop on a flight for savings on your new car, there are other ways to bring your costs down.

Not everyone has the means to pay for a new car in cash, which can save you thousands right off the bat. But other saving methods, like knowing which fees you could negotiate, searching through different cities, and getting pre-approved, are accessible to nearly everyone buying a new car.

1. Avoid hidden fees

You’ll pay plenty of absurd, additional fees at the car dealership. But there are some you can snake out of just by standing your ground. Here are three of them, and how to ditch them…

2. Fly to buy

The best deals may not necessarily be on the car you want or the city you’re in, but CarGurus found the best “fly to buy” deals based on certain cars in specific cities – and most of them are in Florida. Deals differ depending on where you are flying from. For example, the car shopping site CarGurus says Albany, New York residents who fly to Miami to buy a 2015 Ford Mustang can save around $2,065.[1] Flyers from Birmingham, AL to Houston, TX will save $1,375 on the same car.


Other top flying deals include:

These were some of the most searched vehicles on CarGurus:

3. Get pre-approved

If you’re not buying a new car in cash – and sadly, too few of us do that – you need a loan. The easiest way to save on a loan is to secure it before you buy the car. That might sound like you’re putting the car before the horse, but it’s actually a smart move. It’s called “preapproval” – and here’s why you should do it…

If you apply some, or all, of these tactics, you’ll see that buying a new car can be affordable. In fact, you can even do it after you’ve filed for bankruptcy.

Kristen Grau contributed to this report.



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