With football season almost upon us, what's the craziest fan purchase you've ever made?

Would you die for your football team? Would you strip for your football team? What about taking a giant dump on it?

Football season is here, so we were naturally looking up merchandise to support our teams. We found some crazy football-themed junk — our top three are below — and that got us curious. Tell us about your weirdest fan gear, and you could win 50 bucks.

NFL team pasties

3. NFL pasties

Strip down and slap on these pasties, which are $6 per pair and can be custom-made for any sports team. 

NFL team diapers

2. NFL baby diapers

Want to show off your cute baby’s bottom and show some team spirit at the same time? These handmade diapers will keep your baby comfy and dry, while showing everyone else what team you root for. There’s even an option to get dual-sided diapers: Poop on your most hated team, while the team on the outside stays clean. 

NFL Saints casket

1. The Saints’ coffin

Even though the New Orleans Saints definitely don’t approve of this casket, that didn’t stop the custom store ‘Til We Meet Again in New Orleans from selling the black and gold casket with the words “Who Dat?” inscribed on the side. If college sports are more your thing, they have a whole line of university caskets ranging from Ohio State to Kansas.

Here’s how to win $50:

In the comment section below, let us know about the craziest football purchase you’ve ever made. It can be NFL or college athletics, as long as it’s football-related. The weirdest, most diehard fan wins a $50 Amazon gift card. Submissions close Sunday, Sept. 7 at 11:59 p.m.

Last week’s winner

Last week we asked for your disaster survival stories, and a few of you wrote in with tales of the last major earthquake to strike the Bay Area. The most harrowing came from Chad Chapman, who wrote:

1989 earthquake in Oakland, Ca. House shifted off foundation and wall folded in while my wife and our 3 children were in it. Seemed the world was ending! Very scary  But by the grace of God we all got out safe. Had to find new place to live.

We’re glad everyone lived to tell the tale, Chad, and we’re sending a $50 gift card your way.

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