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1. How to Graduate College with Amazing Credit

Dough Roller — Abby first recommends that young people understand how their credit score works and how their credit history impacts their credit score. She also recommends that college kids get a credit card. This sounds dangerous, but responsible use will increase their credit.

But that’s the problem for many college kids — they don’t understand what responsible means when that credit card is burning a hole in their wallet. This is an interesting post. And if you have kids in college or preparing for college, make sure they read it.

2. How to Get Your Adult Child Out of Your Basement

Living on the Cheap — Teresa points out that a 2016 study found, “33 percent of 25 to 29-year-olds were residents of multi-generational households.” And considering the tough job market, there are mostly low wage jobs for college grads, and many are in student loan debt. It’s no wonder adult children opt for cheap basement living.

But there should be rules and a limit on how much support the parents provide. After all, their children must learn how to survive on their own. She provides 11 tips to help parents set limitations and provide support. The seventh tip is interesting: “Don’t make life too comfortable.”

3. 5 Ways to Become More Money Conscious

Len Penzo dot Com — Sabado brings up a good point about technology and money — and the impact the former has on our finances. He says, “Now, we can easily spend more money than we have with the swipe of a card or the click of a button.”

Now that technology makes spending so easy, we all should start becoming more money conscious. I like the fourth way: “Decrease Your Limit.” If your credit card company offers to increase your limit, refuse the offer. If possible, decrease it so you won’t spend more than you can afford.

4. Financial Lessons from My Cat

Owning the Stars — Elizabeth loves her cats and, she says, “my cats have also imparted some pretty deep financial wellness wisdom over the years.” The first one focuses on entertainment. Cats can entertain themselves with the most mundane things, like a cardboard box.

The message is, cats don’t need expensive toys to have fun — and we shouldn’t either. Elizabeth makes some good observations in this post. I especially like the one about not needing the latest and greatest stuff. Check out her post and then read this one about whether or not you can afford pets.

5. 15 Weekend Jobs and Side Gigs to Boost Your Income

Go Banking Rates — If you can’t pay the bills and maintain a decent lifestyle with your regular job, try these jobs out. The fourth gig is a focus group participant. It sounds fun but — tasting free food and drinks as market researchers “garner feedback.”

The 12th job, retail sales associate, will probably be filled by high school kids — as a few other jobs on this list. But if you need more money, check out this blog. You may find something in your neighborhood or city. Doesn’t hurt.

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