Repair costs, retirement savings, lying to yourself, control debt and more.

1.  How to Find a Good Mechanic and Reduce Repair Costs

Money Crashers  — Car repairs are a drag. They usually come at the worst moments — and they sometimes cost big bucks. Amy says, finding the right mechanic before your car breaks down is essential.

Why? “This gives you time to look at lots of local mechanics, checking out their credentials, prices, and the quality of their work,” Amy notes. She tells you what makes a good mechanic and how they save you money on car care. For example, “They don’t do unnecessary repairs.” Read this blog before your car breaks down.

2. How to Know Your Target Retirement Savings Rate

Mama Fish Saves — Chelsea thinks the standard 10 percent saving guideline for retirement savings doesn’t apply for each person. It’s too general and, after all, each person’s finances are different. She takes a different approach.

“I created a simple worksheet to help you determine your own personal target retirement savings rate,” Chelsea says. She tells you how to fill out the form, the necessary information needed, your savings rate goal, and how your nest egg will grow over time. Very cool.

3. You’re Lying to Yourself — And it’s Hurting Your Wallet

Prosperlyway — Honesty and finances — those two don’t mix very well. This blogger provides seven different scenarios that show us how we fib about finances. When you think seriously about these scenarios, they’re true and funny.

I like the fifth one: “I’ll be happier if I buy this thing I want. Or, I’ll buy this thing just once.” Buying material things won’t necessarily buy happiness — especially in the long run. When the credit card bill arrives, that good mood turns sour. How do you lie to yourself?

4. 45 Ways to Start Saving Money Now

Frugal, Debt Free Life — Lydia asks the question: “Are you looking for ways to slash your budget and start saving cash?” Sure. Who doesn’t want to save money? These tips aren’t earth shattering but hey, they’ll work.

I like the eighth one: Give your service provider a phone call and get your bills lowered. I did it with my cable bill. I also do the 38th one and it does save money — reduce your Ziploc bag purchases by using reusable containers.

5. 3 Simple Ways to Control Your Debt

Len Penzo dot Com — Len says debt is serious business, and a subject people don’t discuss very often. And, “if you do not take it seriously, debt will quickly spiral out of control.” So, every way to control it helps.

The first tip, “evaluate your interest rates” is something most people don’t do. He says look over everything you owe, find the highest interest rate, and start paying that debt off. Check out the other ideas.

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