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1. Planning for a Secure Retirement

Consumer Reports  — This article focuses on people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, but it won’t hurt if other age groups give it a look. A planning tip for the lower age bracket: “Assess your assets” makes complete sense.

Everyone should assess their assets. Knowing your assets (what you own) and your liabilities (what you owe) equals your net worth. There are other great tips in this article, especially for those who are not too far away from retiring.

2. 5 Credit Card Mistakes to Get Over by Age 30

Wisebread  — These mistakes are relevant for any age. But if you’re just turning 30, and you’re still making these mistakes, big financial troubles are probably in your future. So, let’s go over some credit card blunders you should definitely avoid.

The first one (making only the minimum payments), is something many younger and older credit card users do because it seems like they’re saving money. But in reality, they’re losing money because they end up paying so much interest. Find out the other mistakes you should avoid.

3. Sub-savings Accounts: How to Save for Anything in 3 Steps

I Will Teach You to be Rich  — Ramit says, this system “can help you prepare for even the worst emergencies WHILE allowing you to save for awesome purchases.” He uses himself as an example — check out the GIF he provides.

He tells you what a sub-savings account is, how to set one up in three easy steps and how you can earn extra money for your new account or accounts. He also provides a cool video on automating your finances. Good post.

4. Beware These 12 Common Money Mistakes

Money Talks News  — In this post, Marilyn points out some mistakes we’ve probably all made sometime during our lives — and she also tells us how we can fix them. The first one (Keeping up with friends), usually creates a financial mess.

The eighth mistake interests me: “Borrowing to buy stuff that loses value.” Many people put big screen TVs, sports equipment and various electronic devices on their credit cards. And in a year, those items are old hat but they’re still paying them off with interest. Check out the other mistakes.

5. 2018 Financial Resolutions: 5 Tips to Turn Your Goals Into Habits

MoneyNing  — The New Year’s resolutions that people made just a short time ago start losing their luster as March approaches. This blogger says, “It’s easy to set New Year’s goals, but statistics show that only 8% of us successfully achieve them.”

This post includes the top five financial goals/resolutions people make. For the second one (Paying down debt), the blogger provides four different ways, depending on your preference, to eliminate your debt and stay debt free. Find out about the others.

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