Pay pain-free, ruinous money habits, credit mistakes, extreme couponing and more.

1. Will “Pay Pain-Free” Mobile Wallets Make Us Poor? — When people part ways with bills and coins it triggers “a psychological phenomenon/gut check” that makes them think about the money they’re spending. When they use cards or mobile wallets, that gut check doesn’t exist.

And hazardous financial results could follow. The missing payment pain causes overspending. Jay provides “tips to bring back the pain of paying.” This article is interesting — he provides the science behind this behavior. Check it out.

2. Do One Good Thing For Your Financial Future Today

Mixed Up Money — Alyssa says that you’ll be old before you know it. And she’s right. You’re damaging your future financial self by not acting now. And doing something today isn’t hard. She provides 50 ideas, so take advantage.

I like number 28: Take a financial course. She even offers a link that offers free courses. Another good one is taking up a hobby. Alyssa says when she’s happy doing something enjoyable, she spends less money.

3. Teach Your Kids to Avoid These Common Credit Mistakes — Many kids make the same foolish money mistakes their parents made. Don’t let your kids become financially illiterate. At the very least teach them about these mistakes. For example, the second one: “Making late payments.”

Late payments will damage their credit score, which could lead to higher interest rates or other unwanted consequences. As Brian says, “financial education is best started in childhood, before most kids have the power to make independent financial decisions.”

4. 31 Days to Positively Improve Your Financial Life

PT Money — Phillip can’t promise you riches, but he says, “I can assure you that if you take action on the 31 tips, your financial life will be much better off this year than last.” Doesn’t sound like a bad deal.

I like day fives tip — become better acquainted with your finances. Sit down with your spouse or by yourself and go over your expenses. They may surprise you — and not in a good way. Read this post and improve your expenses today.

5. Is Extreme Couponing Dead?

Budgets are Sexy — J. Money produces a humorous but thoughtful post. I never became an extreme coupon fanatic, but it seems that this practice hurt some people financially more than it helped them save money.

He provides what seems like a case study written by a reader who became an extreme couponing victim. This person was serious about using coupons.  She would “get up at 4AM to arrive at the store at 4:20AM to beat the competition on the first day of Super Doubles.” Give this a read. It’s an eye-opener.

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