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1. How to Calculate Your Savings Rate (In 4 Different Ways)

MoneyMow — Carl says: “For me, the savings rate is the most important metric, and I track it religiously every month to see how I am progressing.” But there’s one problem — many people don’t understand how you calculate the rate.

He solves that problem by giving you a comprehensive explanation. I’m not telling you how here, but I will say that he provides four different ways you can calculate the rate and the general principles that you should follow.

2. The No. 1 Financial Deal Breaker for Couples in Every State

Go Banking Rates — I won’t tell you what the No. 1 deal breaker is, but I thought that it would be interesting if couples from different states felt differently about their finances. Turns out they don’t.

Most couples name the same two things. Okay, I’ll tell you one: being secretive about your finances — because we have a funny post about how to hide money from your spouse. Look up your state and see if you agree.

3. 3 Things Debt-Free People Do That You Don’t

My Broken Coin — Aiden recently read that 80 percent of people are living in debt. It’s no wonder, he says paying off debt “implies changing an entire mindset, and restraining from spending habits that are deeply rooted in each one of us.” And that’s hard.

He discusses what some people, who are not in debt, actively do with their finances. For example, Aiden says they have everything planned out. They know where every cent goes. Yes, it’s that meticulous for some people. This is an interesting read.

4. The One Biggest Money Mistake You’re Making

Less Debt More Wine — Liz immediately admits that she, and other people, have made more than one money mistake. But the biggest money mistake that she makes on a regular basis is not actively budgeting.

And when she doesn’t budget, she doesn’t reach her goals — and often overspends. So, if you find yourself in the same boat, check out the tips Liz provides. The main tip is making time for your finances at least once a week.

5. What You Need To Know Before You Do a Balance Transfer

Clever Girl Finance — Many people in debt play the balance transfer game. It saves money — if it’s done correctly. Bola issues this warning: “credit card companies offer balance transfers and it’s associated incentives, as a way to make money.”

The most attractive incentive is the introductory interest rates, sometimes at 0 percent. But the key word is “introductory.” Bola discusses why people fail to pay off the balance on time and strategies for using these credit card offers properly.

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