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1. Couples’ Credit — How Credit Scores Work with Your Significant Other

Money Under 30 — Zina says she and her husband run their finances “like a well-oiled machine.” And they both have credit scores over 800. But she admits “it wasn’t always this way.” When they got engaged, she found out for the first time that her husband didn’t have a credit score — none.

He never established credit. She explained the situation, he made changes and the rest is history. In this blog she explains how credit scores work for married couples, how you can improve your credit score and more.

2. How to Find Grants to Pay for College

The College Investor — Robert’s right about grants — they are popular. He says, “grants are like ‘free money‘ that can be used for tuition and other college expenses.” Their popularity makes them competitive, even if they’re not based “primarily on merit.”

He tells you where to find grants and how to apply for them. Grants are offered by many sources. There are private grants available that most student don’t know about. Read his post and go find them.

3. How to Get Out of Debt Fast in 5 Steps

I Will Teach You to be Rich — Ramit starts off by saying, “There’s no sugar-coating it: debt sucks.” True. And he provides a comprehensive post about how you can destroy it — but first he depresses us with this stat: “73 percent of Americans actually die while in some form of debt.”

His first step makes sense: Figure out how much debt you’ve accumulated. Don’t be ashamed, either. Most people carry debt. Once you figure it out, decide what debt you’ll pay off first. He provides a strategy for doing this. Read this post, it’s helpful.

4. The Best Financial Move I Ever Made is Something Everyone Can Do

Financial Samurai — I did a profile on the Financial Samurai recently. He has a great back story. In this post, he tells us about how a simple decision (getting on a bus) changed his life.

The bus left at 6 a.m. It was empty. And because of that fateful day, the Samurai lives by this motto: Never fail due to a lack of effort, because effort requires no skill. Check out the post, it’s enlightening.

5. 7 Steps to Manage Your Money Better

Well Kept Wallet — This blogger says, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, maximizing that money should be a priority. The first step is necessary: “Know where your money goes.” If you make a budget, you’ll solve that problem.

The fifth one will help you reduce debt: “Manage your credit.” And you can’t manage it if you don’t order a free credit report. Once you get the report, check it carefully for errors. They could damage your credit score.

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