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1. Fear of Credit Rejection Can Keep You in Debt — Tamara found this quote by a financial therapist: “Fear and financial illiteracy often go hand in hand,” But how can this fear cost you money? One example she provides is if you’re carrying a balance on a high-rate card and don’t shop around for a lower rate card for fear that you’ll be rejected.

If you fear rejection or just lack knowledge about finances, Tamara suggests taking a “credit management class” from a nonprofit credit counseling agency. Reading websites such as and these other sites that we highlight also helps bolster your knowledge.

2. 3 Warning Signs Your Student Debt is an Emergency — Shannon points out that “the average monthly student loan payment is more than $350.” Paying it off each month often overwhelms people, especially recent graduates who can’t find decently paying jobs. Once this occurs, you can seriously damage your finances.

So, don’t let a student debt emergency blindside you. One warning sign is: “Your interest rates are in double digits.” If you’re paying exorbitant rates, investigate your options such as refinancing your student loans. Check out this post on why you should refinance sooner rather than later.

3. How to Get a Free Credit Score

Club Thrifty — Greg offers advice on what a credit score is — a “measure of how well you handle credit” — but then again, he admits a good credit score doesn’t always mean you’re a great money manager.

He also discusses why having a “good credit score is important.” For example, a person with a good or great credit score will always get the best terms on a loan. This post helps people not only understand their score better but also recommends where you can get a free one. Read this post if you want to improve your credit score.

4. 11 Dollar Store Bargains You’d Be Crazy to Buy Anywhere Else

Len Penzo — Let’s hear it for the dollar store. Mikey loves the place but for “control purposes” he “compared Dollar Tree items side-by-side with similar products at Wal-Mart.” Greeting cards are the first item. Regular stores soak you for $4 to $10. Dollar Tree cards are $1.

The tenth item made me chuckle: Aluminum foil. My wife and I joke that we seriously can’t afford Reynold’s Wrap. The stuff must be laced with gold. Mikey gets 40 square feet “of unbranded foil” for a buck. Sold. Find out what other products he recommends.

5. 7 Things You Probably Forgot to Budget

Frugal, Debt Free Life — Even the most careful people forget things on their budget. There are so many “hidden” or easily forgotten expenses. With that in mind, Lydia prepared a list of some of the things she’s forgotten.

I like her fifth thing — pets. She must own chickens because one time they didn’t budget for chicken feed. Read her post and tidy up your budget. Then check out how this blogger actually budgets $150 a month for her dog.

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