1.  12 Better Ways to Spend $1,000 Than on the New iPhone

Wise Bread — Mikey bought the new iPhone X — and now suffers from buyers remorse. He “reconciled the $1,000 price tag with my budget and bank account” but didn’t expect the extra charges. All said, the phone cost him $1,400 — and he hasn’t taken it out of the box yet.

Now he’s thinking about other things he could do with that money. The first is funny: “Buy and alpaca.” The rest are serious, including the seventh, pay off your credit card debt. Before you buy the new phone, read this post.

2. How to Get Proof of Your Student Loan Debt Balances and Ownership

The College Investor — Believer it or not, many students after graduation don’t know who owns their loans or how much student loan debt they’ve accrued. If you have private loans all you do is call the bank where you took the loan out.

Federal loans are a different story. Robert says, “Since most of these loans are disbursed to your school, it is hard to place a finger on who owns it and the exact dollar amount you owe.” Read his post and find out how you can find out.

3. It’s Car Buying Season: 5 Auto Loan Traps to Avoid

Money Talks News — Every year car dealers flood the airwaves with “end of year sales.” Space must be made for the new models, so the dealerships literally go ballistic. But following alongside are the loan traps people fall into.

Nancy says, “car buyers are opting for even longer-term loans at high interest rates, working with dealers and lenders who encourage them to take on debt they cannot afford.” Check out her five “red flags” and don’t buy a new car you can’t afford.

4. 11 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Today

DoughRoller — If you are thinking about buying a car, improving your credit score will go a long way toward reducing your interest rate. Like Abbey says, “In short, your credit score affects your whole financial life.”

She first recommends getting your FICO credit score. And good news — it won’t cost a dime. She provides a few options. Check out her ninth way, it may surprise you. Then read our step-by-step credit score improvement system.

5. 5 Time Consuming Things that Don’t Actually Save Money

MoneyNing — Everybody loves saving money. But Connie wonders, “could your money saving habits actually be hurting you?” She says the answer is “yes.” And she lists five things that may surprise you — especially if you like sales.

I like the second thing: “Stalking the Sale Section.” She believes two things actually make you spend more money when scouting sales: The first is “fighting everyone at the store” because there’s a sale and the second, “rummaging”  through sale items and buying stuff you don’t need.

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