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1. Five Shocking Truths About Not Saving for Retirement 

Budget Pulse — This blogger scares you in the first paragraph by stating: “your golden years could be the most difficult time in your life.” So much for a peaceful retirement. But unfortunately it’s true — especially if you don’t plan for retirement.

The third “shocking truth” should make everyone nervous: “Life will throw you curveballs.” In other words, we never know what’s coming next. It could be illness, unemployment or some other personal and financial disaster. So start preparing.

2. 10 Money Tips For Ya

Budgets are Sexy — J. Money provides 10 tips he collected from comments and emails he received over the years. I love the fifth one from K. Jam. Money named it: The Hail Capitalizer. Jam picked up an ’07 Accord for 40 percent off Blue Book value because it had hail damage. Great idea if you don’t mind dings.

The last tip, from Johanna called The Lazy Saver, makes me curious about Digit. The app helped her save over “$3,000 in seven months.” Check out the other tips J. Money highlights. Then read how being polite can save you money.

3. Here’s How You Can Improve Your Money Mindset

Clever Girl Finance — This blogger says “improving your finances” is easy. Just do a Google search and a list of articles provide step-by-step instructions. But what happens when you follow the instructions and fail?

She says you might be missing “the most important part of actually being able to accomplish your money goals” — your mindset. She then supplies five tips that should enrich your mindset. I won’t spoil the surprise. Read her post.

4. 5 Ways to Negotiate with Your Credit Card Companies — Leslie doesn’t want us to back down from a challenge. She says, “If you feel stressed when opening your credit card statements, it may be time for you to fight for a better deal.” And she provides the ammo for the fight.

She takes the aggressive approach with her first tip: “Go right to the top.” Immediately ask for a manager. She also provides another piece of advice — always be polite. Yelling or copping an attitude won’t help you find a better deal. Read her post then read these seven secrets for fixing your credit.

5. Get Your Financial House in Order and Make $500 a Day

Dinks Finance — Sean says if you don’t get your financial house cleaned up making extra money won’t help you in the long run. So he provides four tips for cleaning house. The second one makes sense: “Budget and track your net worth.”

Once you’ve cleaned house, he provides four money-making ideas. The last idea, “Be a mystery shopper” seems interesting although Sean admits that mystery shopping payouts “tend to be pretty small.” Check out his other ideas.

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