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1.  What is a Credit Freeze? And Should You Use It?

20 Something Finance — After Equifax got hacked, people are desperate for more tactical actions to protect their identities. One such action is called a credit freeze. A credit freeze prevents a credit bureau (Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion) from releasing “your credit report to a party that requests it, without your express consent.”

This blogger provides the pros and cons of a credit freeze, the difference between a credit freeze and credit lock and how you can request a freeze. Check out this post, especially if you’re worried about identity theft.

2. Strength in Numbers: Using the Power of Friendship to Make Financial Changes

Moneyning — Jessica opens this post with: “Support groups are a proven way for people to eliminate harmful habits and make positive changes such as eating healthy and exercising.” Spot on. A support group would have similar results for financial issues.

But who needs a group when you can ask a friend? The thing is, you must choose the right friend or you might not succeed. She helps you solve this dilemma by providing five tips that will help you identify the right friend. Read this post and start making positive financial changes in your life.

3. Avoid Stupid Bank Fees

The Broke Professional — This blogger found an alarming stat: Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo accrued “over $6 billion in 2016 from ATM and overdraft fees.” That’s terrible, especially since these fees are avoidable.

For example, the blogger says negotiate as many fees as possible. Sign up for direct deposit and ask in return for your monthly maintenance fee to be waived. After you read this post, check out these 14 ways to avoid bank fees.

4. The Trick That’s Saved Me Thousands of Dollars

Frugal Debt Free Life — Lydia admits up front that she doesn’t have a trick, it’s really a question. She simply asks: “Do you guys offer a discount?” Sounds harmless enough.

She relates a story about being handed an $11,000 hospital bill after having a baby. She anticipated the huge bill and saved up money for nine months before giving birth. But she didn’t save that much, so Lydia popped the question. And they gave her a discount. Read about her other stories and start saving.

5. Really Want to Save Money? Pay Yourself First

Maple Money — The phrase “pay yourself first” pops up a lot. But it seems as though many people ignore its wisdom. Tom says people usually pay their bills first and spend money on “must have” items. And by month’s end, there’s no money left for savings.

He provides this advice: “look at your budget and make changes so that your focus on savings comes before you spend money on fun, but unnecessary, items.” Savings means, retirement savings or emergency fund savings. Check out his post and start paying yourself first.

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