Identity theft, financial goals, money and romance, canceling a credit card and more.

1. 12 Critical Steps To Prevent Identity Theft

Money Smart Guides — Jon says people protect their homes and the contents within them but they don’t give their personal information the same attention. Check out the numbers he provides: “in 2016, over $16 billion was stolen from US consumers.”

In this post he tells us how identity thieves steal our information (skimmers, data breaches). He even provides a video showcasing how crooks take your information using a skimmer. And he provides great tips for preventing theft. I like number 8: “Review Your Credit Reports.” Read this post.

2. 5 Ways to Make Sure You Conquer Your Financial Goals

Barbara Friedberg — Anyone can create a few financial goals. The problem is achieving them. Barbara points us in the right direction.  Her first tip is understanding your net worth. She says, “How can you understand how to set financial goals if you don’t know where you are?”

The second tip, making sure you set realistic goals, makes perfect sense. If you set goals beyond your financial capability, you’ll only suffer set back after set back. That creates frustration and many people quit because they get frustrated. Check out her post.

3. When to Discuss Personal Finances with a Romantic Partner

Planting Money Seeds — Guest blogger Kostas Chiotis at Finance Blog Zone provided this post. He believes anyone in a meaningful relationship should immediately start discussing finances. He also makes a great point.

He says money doesn’t cause relationship issues: “It’s the refusal to communicate openly and honestly about it.” Many people who are married never discussed their finances with their partner.  And once they join their accounts, many find that they’re financially screwed. Read this post on money and marriage.

4. How to Cancel a Credit Card in 7 Easy Steps

Student Loan Hero — Cancelling a credit card takes some time. You don’t just call and cancel or you could unwittingly damage your credit score. Ben says he churns through credit cards and these “steps have helped me every time I’ve canceled credit card accounts.”

The first step seems logical: “Get your credit card balance to zero.” I think many people might forget the second step — cancel your recurring payments. You don’t want merchants or anyone else charging on a cancelled credit card. Check out his other steps, they’re smart.

5. 6 Financial Mistakes College Students Make

One Cent at a Time — College offers many students a new found feeling of independence. But as SB says, the flip side of independence is responsibility. And mistakes often abound when students are confronted with these new responsibilities.

For example, mistake number four: “Not understanding the perils of credit cards.” When some young people receive their first credit card, they treat it like free money. He says, “each month they delay the repayment of their debt, the outstanding amount increases exponentially.” Check out the other mistakes.

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