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1. Earning More Money Isn’t Always the Answer to Your Money Problems

Money Manifesto — Lance believes earning more money can help out your finances — but only if you manage that money properly. “Poor money management skills is the root of many money problems. Unfortunately, earning more money won’t make the problem go away.”

This post confronts the problems that many people make with their money, such as chasing the next best thing and keeping up with the Joneses. If you face these problems, read this post. He provides sound reasons for staying away from those financial tendencies.

2. 4 Valuable Tips & Tricks to Understanding Debt Management

Disease Called Debt — Falling into major debt doesn’t mean you automatically have to file for bankruptcy. As this blogger says, bankruptcy is an extreme solution. There are many other options available.

She includes four in this blog (which does mention “understanding bankruptcy”). I like the first one: “Debt Management Plans.” The blogger provides a good overview of the plans, but for more information, check out this debt management plan post.

3. What is the Minimum Retirement Savings You Could Comfortably Live On

My Money Design — If you’re worried about retirement like so many are, check out this post. MMD says you may not require millions of dollars. There’s something else you can do: Reduce your living expenses.

“I’m going to show you how minimizing your lifestyle costs could be the key to retiring on much, much less retirement savings than you think.” How? This blog covers cutting back on travel, vehicle expenses, insurance and more.

4. It’s All in the Mind: How Financial Health Impacts Your Mental Health

Broke Girl Rich — If your finances are in poor health, you’re probably not feeling mentally fit. As Mel states, “there is a clear link between the state of your financial and mental health.” With that in mind, mending your finances should become a priority.

Easier said than done, right? Well, if you can’t fix your finances right away, use Mel’s tips to maintain a positive vibe. For example, “Training your brain to cope.” When your brain seeks immediate solutions, train it to think long-term. Read on and learn more coping measures.

5. 4 Smart Moves to Achieve Financial Peace of Mind

Celebrating Financial Freedom — Jason and his wife finally achieved “peace of mind” by confronting their financial issues. He says, “The first step to achieving financial peace of mind is to change your mindset.  How you think about money has to precede everything else.”

Broke people believe debt is a part of life and you can’t make ends meet without credit cards. People who achieve financial freedom think the opposite. Check out his four smart moves and improve your financial health and mental health.

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