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1. 5 Bad Spending Habits (And How to Break Them)

Everything Finance — I like the opening sentence by Chonce: “While saving is important, so is spending because it’s inevitable.” As a result, how you spend money becomes vital to your personal finances. She provides five habits that could wreck your financial well-being.

I thought about highlighting the second one, “Impulse buying” — but I usually discuss that bad habit. This time, I’ll choose the fourth: “Paying for Services You Don’t Use,” such as the gym or magazine subscriptions.

2. 15 Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill You Probably Never Considered — Estate Sale, Anyone?

Money Talks News — Grocery prices are outrageous so we need more money-saving ideas. And Donna says these are, “shopping tactics that go beyond ‘buy only what’s on sale’ kind of ideas.” The first idea struck me right away: “Shop at ‘ethnic’ markets.”

I once shopped for meat at a Polish deli and for fish at a Portuguese market. Unbelievable prices and the best-tasting meat and fish ever.  I also found great deals shopping at her fifth place, drugstores. Check out her other ideas — and don’t forget about the estate sale.

3. Save on Groceries Before You Leave Home

The Dollar Stretcher — We’re on a grocery-saving roll now. Jill comes up with some interesting points in this post. The most prominent point being: “Stop wasting food.” Americans waste nearly 50 percent of the food we buy. I hate throwing out food, but I’m guilty.

She comes up with four ways that can prevent us from wasting so much food. Her last tip, designate a “leftover night” helps my family save money. It also saves us from cooking. Check out her other tips and investigate the links she provides for grocery savings. And read this about grocery trends that cost you.

4. Top 14 Easy Grocery Hacks to Trim Your Food Budget

Money Q&A — Let’s keep rolling. Hank says an average family of four spends around “$1,000 on food expenses each month.” That takes up a large portion of a family’s budget. I found the first and third ones interesting. The first: “Don’t shop while you’re hungry” definitely makes sense.

The third: “Stay on the outside loop.” I heard this theory before but never tested it. The most expensive — and unhealthy foods are stacked up and down the aisles, while the fruits, vegetables, meats and healthier items remain on the outside. Give it a try and let me know if you saved more money.

5. 7 Negotiation Hacks to Make & Save Money

Millennial Money — Grant says don’t be the person who thinks they bought something for cheap but finds out later that a friend got it for cheaper. Be the person who negotiates using his hacks. His tips also help you sell items for more money.

I like the sixth hack: “Choose the time.” He says if we choose the time to meet with a car salesperson or a Realtor, we can have the advantage. He also says mornings on a sunny day works even better. Interesting. Check out his other hacks and tell us if you have any hacks of your own.

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