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1. 15 College Student Jobs That Pay Up to $40 An Hour

Fitnancials — Many college students view the summer as a vacation. Alexis disagrees. She believes summer is a time to work, not only for the money but also for the tremendous benefits the work offers.

For example, students “can develop new skills, potentially gain an interest in a new career field” and more. I like the eighth job: “Camp counselor.” I think working with people helps college-aged students sharpen their communication skills. Check out these weird jobs.

2. I Pledge Allegiance to Frugality

Budget and the Beach — A few months ago Tonya’s friends invited her to a “fairly expensive dinner.” She took a pass but let them know her reasoning: She’s trying to save money. One friend remarked, “It’s only money!”

Tonya once thought that way, but it brought her financial and emotional turmoil. Her frugal lifestyle does not. It actually inspires her, as you’ll see when you read this post. Read her post and maybe you’ll join her frugal pledge.

3. How to Get Your Finances In Order by Committing to 20 Minutes a Day

Natalie Bacon — Managing your finances can be tough. It definitely takes time. But Natalie says take a little time a day and soon you’ll “get your finances in order fairly easy.” If you want proof, that’s how Natalie started.

She breaks the post down into four sections. The second section covers: “What you should do during the 20 minutes.” One thing she recommends is reading personal finance books. Start with chairman of Howard Dvorkin’s book Power Up.

4. 9 Ways to Be Frugal Without Being Cheap

Frugal Rules — John doesn’t believe in severe frugal/cheap living. For example, “reusing dental floss or some other ridiculous thing” to save money. He says frugality means “spending with a purpose.”

For instance, he and his wife pay a housekeeper for a once-a-month “deep clean.” So, while the house gets clean they are making money. He also buys quality products after he compares prices.  Read his post, embrace frugal living and save more money.

5. 5 Common Sense Tips for Buying Used Goods Online

MoneyNing — Jessica embraces the frugal lifestyle but she never really employed “online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist” and other smaller websites and apps to bolster her money-saving ways. Things change.

She recently started scouring sites for “new-to-me furniture” and gathered a few tips we can all use. I like tip four: Don’t forget shipping, pick-up expenses and logistics. She did and experienced a “nightmare” after purchasing a used washer and dryer. Check out her other tips and then read this post on online savings.

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