Overspending online, the worst purchases, paying off student loans, living paycheck to paycheck and more.

1.  4 Ways It Can Be Easy to Overspend Shopping Online

Krant Cents — Shopping online definitely invites overspending. Everything you want is at your fingertips — you just pick and pay. Drew says retailers make it worse by “throwing in a few additional perks that can get you to spend even more.”

I found the second way interesting: “One-click buying.” If you have your credit card information saved on a site, you simply choose the items and check out. That encourages spending because it’s so simple and quick — you don’t even think about the money your charging. Good post.

2. 5 Worst Things to Buy When You’re In Debt

Debt Free After Three — Zina says if you’re having trouble paying off debt, “the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to look at what you’re spending money on.” You might find an item or two from her “worst things.”

A new car tops her list. She drives a used car because a car loan would prevent her from making large payments on her student loans. Eating out also made her list. She presents some compelling numbers that might make you change your mind about visiting your favorite restaurant.

3. 5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Every Online Purchase

Money Talks News — We discussed overspending for online purchases, now let’s investigate saving money. Maryalene says “you can get a lower price on most purchases if you are willing to wait until an item is out of season.” Using coupons also helps.

But if you need an item right away and no savings offers are in sight, she recommends these five simple alternatives. I like the second one: “Buy through a rebate site.” She provides five sites, including Ebates and Swagbucks. Check out her other ways and start saving.

4. 10+ Ways To Pay Off Student Loans Faster

The Practical Saver — Allan says, “student loan debt in 2017 is $1.3 trillion dollars.” A daunting number indeed, especially when graduates are having a hard time finding good paying jobs.

With that in mind, he came up with this list. The third way interests me: “Understand your loan and create a plan.” Believe it or not, many graduates don’t understand their student loans — and some don’t even know how much they owe.  Check out his advice.

5. Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Here’s How to Break the Cycle

Fat Guy Skinny Wallet — Living paycheck to paycheck causes stress, especially if an emergency situation occurs. When that happens, the money either goes on a credit card or worse, you may take out a payday loan.

Khaleef says start breaking the cycle by creating a budget. He believes “you need to figure out what you bring in net each month and the total amount of your monthly expenses.” Read his other tips and break the cycle.

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