Dirty jobs, debt, bikes and baked beans, money management and more.

1. 20 Jobs That Will Pay Off If You’re Not Afraid of Dirty Work

Money Talks News — Let’s get dirty and make some money. Christina says, “it’s often the dirty jobs and the less-glamorous careers that are the most lucrative.” So if your dream job doesn’t include dirt, grime, and crawling creatures maybe you should rethink your career path?

I never realized the second job existed: Head lice technicians. Every year kids come home with either a note regarding head lice from their school or with the actual lice crawling their scalp. Check out the other jobs and start earning more money.

2. A Step-By-Step Guide to Get Out Of Debt

Notorious Debt — Lindsay pays $940.96 towards her debt each month. She says, “That is nearly half of my entire take-home pay from my first post-graduation job two years ago.” And that’s just the minimum monthly payments. 

But she has a seven-step debt-destroying “master plan” and shares it with us. The first step (Assess your debt situation), seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how much debt they’re in. Study her guide and start paying down your debt. Then check out our profile on Lindsay’s journey.

3. We’re Reaching Financial Independence Without Bikes or Baked Beans 

Mad Money Monster — The Mad Money Monster couple don’t ride bikes to work or live on a limited menu. Mrs. MMM says riding a bike would probably get them run over. But they do limit their expenses.

Don’t get her wrong. She respects the bike-riding people (and her husband cuts his own hair), but they’re reaching financial independence their own way.  She provides a long list of their frugal habits. For example, they don’t have cable and they only own one car. Check out her other savings ideas.

4. An Inside Look at How We Manage Money

Centsibly Rich — Amanda enjoys reading about how other people manage and save their money and conquered their debt. So “in the spirit of sharing, here’s how we manage money.”

She discusses how they earn money, where they keep it, how they manage it, spend it, and track it. As far as tracking, she says they track every penny. If you’re looking to carefully track your expenses, try using PowerWallet for free.

5. How to Create a Budget You Can Live With

Everything Finance — Most personal finance bloggers believe budgets save financial lives. But many people struggle with them. Kayla highlights a few challenges budgets present, such as fluctuating expenses.

She then offers six tips that will help people budget better. I like the first tip: “Don’t be too strict.” Budgets fail over the long haul because people make them too rigid. They don’t give themselves breathing room. Read her other tips and become a better money manager.

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