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1.  Want to Pay Off Debt? 45 Honest Ways to Make Extra Money Online

The Penny Hoarder — Kyle makes certain we know these are “honest” ways. I like the eleventh way: “Serve as a Mock Juror.” I never heard of this before. You actually assist lawyers with their upcoming cases.

The twenty-third way struck me as odd, but hey if it makes money, go for it — “Rent Your Clothing.” My wardrobe probably wouldn’t qualify but if you have “special-occasion or high-end clothing” try it out. Here are some other money making tips.

2. How to Make Extra Dough by Buying and Delivering Groceries

Money Talks News — Let’s continue the theme and make some more money. Marilyn discusses how the “Uber-model” has moved into the grocery delivery sector. She names one company — Shipt — and provides a link if you’re interested.

She also discusses how you can become a “top-rated shopper.” She says “Shipt customers rate their experience.” That means the best shoppers get more jobs and probably better tips. Marilyn provides additional companies as well.

3. 87 Super Easy Ways to Save Money

Good Financial Cents —We discussed making money, now let’s save some extra dough. The third one interests me because so many people don’t do it: “Negotiate new rates on your credit cards.”

Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, discusses that scenario in this video. The forty-first way makes me laugh, but it’s true: “Make like your dad and turn off all the lights.” Check out his other great tips.

4. What to do If a Family Member Steals Your Identity

Money Crashers — Mark breaks this post down into seven sections. He first outlines the “types of identity theft” such as financial, and then discusses how family identity theft differs from other types.

He notes that because family members usually “share a close relationship” they have easier access to your personal information than strangers. Give this post a read, and as one identity theft expert told me — don’t share your personal information with anyone.

5. 8 Awesome Tips to Slash Pet Care Costs

My fab finance — Tonya says pet owners can shell out “between $640 (for a cat) to $1,500 (for a large dog) annually.” If you’re a pet owner she provides eight great ways to cut your costs.

I like the third tip: “Avoid overfeeding.” Too many owners believe feeding their pets gives them joy. Hey, they eat like animals, but what you should do is ask your vet about their ideal weight. Read her post and then check out how this blogger budgets for her dog.

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