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1. Ways to Save Money That You Might Not Think About

Reach Financial Independence — Pauline provides six tips for saving money. Under the heading “vehicles” she discusses how you can keep your car clean without spending a ton on detailing. She also discusses “emotional spending.”

She says, “If you are emotional, try to leave your credit or debit card at home.” Good idea. Many people let their emotions control their spending. And it’s not just depressed people. Some people who feel happy about something often congratulate themselves by overspending.  

2. 3 Tips to Keep Divorce from Destroying Your Finances

Cash Money Life — Divorce causes many emotional problems. Unfortunately, it also causes financial issues as well. And many times the reason for the divorce is money — because couples don’t talk enough about their finances.

Miranda and her husband divorced a year ago, and they both worked out their finances. But she admits that not every couple “is as fortunate” as she and her ex-husband. With that in mind, she provides these tips. The second one may prove difficult for some people: “Be honest and respectful.” This post will help anyone going through a divorce.

3. The War On Debt: Save, Pay Down Debt, or Both?

How to Save Money — This blogger is dealing with a financial crisis. She writes: “Is it better to devote all my resources to paying off what I owe before I save anything? Or should I manage to do both?”

She doesn’t have an emergency fund and she and her husband haven’t been saving much for retirement. So she asks a few financial experts for advice and they provide some money tips. I especially like this tip: “focus.” Financial problems cause stress and anxiety, and many people lose focus and quit. Check out the other tips.

4. Setting Financial Goals: The Complete Guide

Cash Cow Couple — This post starts with a hilarious quote by Yogi Berra. It then goes full steam into goal-setting guidelines by Dr. Edwin Locke, who this blogger says, “is the father of goal-setting theory.”

He discusses the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting system, short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, and provides a goal-setting example. Take your time with this post, it’s comprehensive. Once you’re done, check out this post on how to reach your goals.

5. Earn Thousands a Year Shopping Garage Sales

Money Talks News — The new side hustle: garage sale picker. Nancy says some people earn as much as $20,000 a year. But there are “secrets and strategies” that you must first learn. For example, check the newspaper for the best sales, not online.

Also, “specializing” in things like coins or sports memorabilia helps you find the best stuff. Negotiating plays an important role, too. Nancy says you must become a tough negotiator to get the best prices and make the most money when you resell the stuff.

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