Manage debt, shun the TV, rescue your retirement fund and more.

1. 5 Tips to Manage Debt and Save as a Family – Without Sacrifice

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance – Once you have a family, saving money becomes more difficult. As Barbara says, “children start to eat more, outgrow all their clothes, and develop costly interests as they get older.” If you’re having trouble saving money now that you have children, take these tips seriously.

The second one is: “Determine Your Priorities.” Jot down what you frequently spend money on (eating out, gym, etc.) and rank them. Take the bottom few and reduce them or cut them out completely. Or, simply reduce most of them if possible. Check out this post on making babies without going into debt.

2. Do You Really Need to Spend $14,000 a Year on Your Child?

MoneyNing – The USDA recently updated “the average cost of raising a child from birth to age 18.” Miranda says the average per year is $14,000. That’s a ton. But don’t sweat it. Cut costs initially by buying used clothes or using hand-me-downs – even if they’re clothes from a friend’s kids.

Most importantly, plan ahead. She “set aside money each month in a 529 plan” for future college expenses. Another great idea is starting a fund – similar to an emergency fund. If possible, automate the savings so you never miss the money.

3. 59 Things To Do Instead of Watching TV So That You Can Take Your Life Back

Making Sense of Cents – Michelle says “the average person watches over 30 hours of TV a week.” Sometimes I think many people are living vicariously through their favorite TV characters — and they miss out on their own life. Anyway, turn off the tube and review these 59 things.

She breaks them down into six categories. The fourth category is: “Find a way to make extra money.” She lists 12 ideas. One interesting idea is “become a bookkeeper.” She includes a link where there are courses available. This is a hefty post with helpful information.

4. Five Mistakes You Should Avoid When Saving For Retirement

Reach Financial Independence – This is how Pauline starts this post: “A retirement annuity or investment plan should cater for the life you want in the future.” I agree. Unfortunately, many people aren’t saving – or they’re not even planning. With that in mind, her first thing to avoid is: “Thinking it’s too late.”

Don’t procrastinate any longer. Start retirement planning because it really is never too late. She recommends taking a close look at your finances. Then start trimming or cutting expenses completely. Check out her other four mistakes and read this post about retirement apps.

5. Ready to Rescue Your Retirement in 2017? Here’s How

Money Talks News – Since we covered retirement mistakes you should avoid, let’s find out how to rescue your retirement. Marilyn discovered research that reveals: “Nearly half of working-age families have nothing saved in retirement accounts.” If you don’t have any money saved or very little – “hard choices are ahead.”

She provides nine things you should start soon, if not immediately. The fourth one is interesting: “Emancipate adult kids.” She says if your retirement is at risk, end any financial support you’re providing. You should also think about charging rent if possible – it teaches financial responsibility.

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