Pay off debt, slash tech spending, cut bills in half, improve your finances and more.

1. Creative Strategies to Pay Off Debt Quickly

Cash Cow Couple – This couple believes “high-interest” debt will not only harm your finances, it will also damage your health. It’s true. Debt stresses people out. So they came up with this comprehensive list, which includes four proven strategies.

The third is: “Consolidate or transfer your debt.” Consolidating debt is when you combine your various debts into one monthly payment. This single payment makes managing your finances easier. The interest rate is also usually lower. Check out the full blog. It’s very helpful.

2. 10 Ways to Slash Your Tech Spending Without Pain

Money Talks News – Maryalene says “The average cable bill is $99 a month; a typical wireless bill for a family with four lines is $160.” Unfortunately, many people pay more, especially for cable. But don’t fret — start cutting those bills using her smart tips.

The first is: “Buy, don’t rent, electronics and equipment.” Renting-to-own is rarely a good idea. You’ll almost always end up paying more. And here’s another great tip: Buy a modem and stop paying the cable company a monthly fee. Find out how and review her other money-saving ideas.

3. 10 Super Easy Ways to Cut Your Bills in Half

Stapler Confessions – Many people that I speak with say they can’t pay their bills. If your bills are becoming unmanageable, use Sarah’s tips and start cutting them. A few tips are obvious (carpool, fix plumbing leaks, etc.), but she includes some unexpected winners, too.

For example, wear your clothes more often before washing them. Unless you’re sweaty or spilled something on your clothes, this idea is not unreasonable. It also helps preserve your clothes – which is nice. Check out her other tips.

4. 7 Great Tips to Improve Your Finances in 2017

Critical Financial – If you haven’t used these money-saving ideas in the past, use them now that the New Year is approaching. After all, improving your financial situation is right up there with vowing to lose weight or quitting smoking when people make resolutions.

The third tip is: “Track your spending.” As I’ve mentioned in the past, use an online tool like PowerWallet. It makes tracking your spending and budgeting interesting and easy. Try Will’s other tips and make 2017 the year you dramatically improved your finances.

5. Paying Off Debt In 8 Months Or Less

Billfold – This post is interesting – but not for the few points that help pay down debt. It caught my attention because Sarah, now that her credit cards are paid off, feels guilty about buying most anything. Even an ordinary lip stain she keeps promising herself.

She admits “Switching from impulsive shopping to frugality to a balance between the two (but closer to the frugal end of things) is difficult.” I don’t doubt it. Read her story. It’s a great lesson for everyone – whether you buy impulsively or not.

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