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1. 7 Habits of People Winning the Fight Against Debt

Money Saving Mom – Jamie says “In my opinion, people who win the fight against debt have a few habits they’ve put in place to stack the odds in their corner.” The first is having SMART goals — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timed.

The fourth one is clever and also generous: give more time than money. She says if a school or friend or other place or person in need asks for money, donate your time instead. It helps you save money and also takes up your time – time that you might use to spend.

2. Is it worth it? Premium gasoline, bottled water, and other debates I settled on live TV!

Squawkfox – I enjoyed this post because Kerry brings up a great point during her live conversation – some things just aren’t worth the extra money. For example, premium gasoline is a complete waste if your car’s manufacturer doesn’t recommend it.

She also shares the same opinion about bottled water as Howard Dvorkin, chairman of In his book Power Up, Howard says bottled water is a terrible waste. I agree. Many bottled water brands are no better than tap water. Check out her whole post.

3. How to Recover from Financial Distress

Leave Debt Behind – Brad is so right when he says, “The financial strain of disability, divorce, layoffs, job loss, medical emergencies, and other events can disrupt financial order.” It’s a shame, but we’re all vulnerable.

His second way to help you recover is cutting your communication costs. That means reducing your phone and internet costs. You can also lump in cable costs. People actually pay $150 a month or more for cable. He also discusses budgeting. You can budget better using PowerWallet. Give it a try.

4. How to Find Money You Didn’t Know You Had

Money Talks News – According to The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), “state unclaimed property programs currently have $41.7 billion waiting to be returned.” That makes me wonder if I have any unclaimed cash…

The first way you can find lost money is using a database called Nancy provides the link and the process looks easy enough. Her eighth tip is really a warning. Read this post and let us know if you find any lost money.

5. 5 Unique Ways to Make Extra Money

Well Kept Wallet – Deacon says finding the right money making match for you isn’t always easy. Some options take more work and time than others. This blog points out five easy ways you can make extra money.

The third one is: “Take online surveys.” This seems simple enough. He provides one “legit” survey company. If you look down at the comments section, you’ll find two more. Check out his other “unique ways” and start making extra cash.

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