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1. How to Go to College Abroad (and Save Money)

Brokepedia – Saving money on college is essential for most future students. But is traveling abroad too radical? Not for Alex – “I studied international business at the University of Hong Kong, one of the world’s top 50 universities.” Sounds exciting.

He discusses how you can save money studying abroad, where you should attend college, how admissions is easier and more. He even provides advice on resources that can guide you through the process. If you’re staying in the states, find out how your choice of college may depend on the location.

2. Cost to Go to College Hits New Record High

Money Talks News – More bad news for future college students. Krystal reports that college tuition “for a four-year college in the U.S. has hit a new record high in 2016.” It’s also “outpacing the growth of inflation, incomes and financial aid.” Maybe studying abroad is not a bad option.

The College Board’s annual reports reveals the average “sticker price” for students attending in-state public universities is $20,090. Most students don’t pay the “sticker price” but that doesn’t help much. For some good news read about how parents are saving better for college.

3. How Value-Based Spending Improved My Relationship With Money

Journey to Saving – Erin says at one time she was basically a cheapskate and money hoarder. But that lifestyle wasn’t healthy for her. Now she enjoys herself and her money more using the “value-based” spending system.

She says “At the beginning of last year, I declared what values were most important to me.” She found that family, traveling, friends and personal care were valuable to her. So she doesn’t mind spending money on those things – but she doesn’t go overboard. Check out her advice on separate savings accounts and more. It’s an interesting philosophy.

4. 7 Great Ways Your Job Can Save You Money

Frugal Rules – Okay, we talked enough about spending, let’s talk about saving money. Chonce says your employer offers “a lot of money saving benefits.” The first one is “coffee.” Many offices offer free coffee. So quit Starbucks and get your caffeine fix at the office.

The fifth way is great if your employer provides it: “401(k) Match.” This is an excellent way for all employees to save for retirement – and age doesn’t matter. Check out her other money saving tips.

5. Your Debt is an Infestation

Mystery Money Man – The Money Man compares debt to a hornet infestation. He says they are similar: “both can be painful, both can ruin your day, and you need to be bold and direct to eliminate them.” But you can go inside and avoid the hornets. You can’t avoid debt.

He says you must face it head-on. He provides four ways you can eliminate debt. His fourth one is: “Shift from ‘Wants’ Buying into ‘Priorities’ Buying.” Once you understand what your priorities are, you can reduce your spending. Check out his other advice.

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