Baby-sitting savings, medical expenses, reducing your bills and more.

1. 9 Ways to Pay Less for Baby-Sitting

Money Talks News – As Maryalene says, every parent needs some down time from their kids. Their sanity depends on it. With that in mind, she provides some interesting tips. The third one is: “Ask for baby-sitting as a gift.”

I like that. It also saves a friend or relative from buying you a gift. The seventh one is: “Form a baby-sitting co-op.” She provides a few websites that instruct you on creating a co-op. I didn’t realize it was that intricate.

2. Here’s What to do When Your Unpaid Medical Bills Get Sent to Collections

The Penny Hoarder – Carson points out “that one in five Americans with medical insurance — that’s me — have unpaid, past-due medical bills.” And the reason why many people don’t or can’t pay them is simple – they “can’t afford unexpected bills.”

She says you should contact your doctor and ask for an itemized statement. This will list all of your charges. Check it out carefully for accuracy. If you have overdue medical bills, this post is helpful. You can also read about medical credit cards and if they’re worth the risk.

3. How to Save Money Without Missing It

Eyes on the Dollar – Kayla says she enjoys her lifestyle and is not “personally willing to go to huge extremes to save money and pay off debt.” So she came up with a five ways we can all save money without disrupting our lifestyles.

The fifth way is: “Use an app.” She uses Digit. We at promote PowerWallet because you can build a budget, set goals, manage cash flow and review tips from financial experts at no cost.

4. Why and How to Save Money

Out of Your Rut – Let’s stick with the “money saving” theme. Tahir comes up with four helpful tips. The third one is: “Control your mobile communication costs.” Jot down “the names you call and why you call them.”

One thing that’s not on this list is: cut your cable bill. I recently cut my bill by over $50 a month. It’s not hard. Just call your provider and inquire about reducing your bill. If they won’t negotiate, find another provider. Check out this blog on if you should hire someone to negotiate your bills.

5. Everything I Learned From Tracking My Spending For a Year

Half Banked – Desirae admits that she felt like quitting after tracking her spending for the first few months. She says she felt “so discouraged” because this “accurate view” showed her how much money she really spent.

What shocked her most were the “variable expenses.” For example, an expensive traffic ticket and Christmas shopping topped the list. But she learned as time went by and this “active” manual tracking method (she used a simple spreadsheet), made her a much better money manager. This is a good post.

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