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1. How to Make Saving Money a Habit

Stefanie O’Connell – Stefanie says that our money-savings habits are lacking. She believes “we suck at doing it.” For proof, she provides a survey that reveals:  “just 37% of Americans have enough savings to pay for a $1,000 emergency.”

Maybe she’s right. So she provides six ways we can make saving money a habit. Her fourth tip is: “Eliminate Potential for Human Error.” In other words, automate your savings. We’ve discussed this option before. It’s easy and very efficient. Read her post for additional advice.

2. The Four Stages of Financial Success

Mom and Dad Money – Financial success does not happen overnight – unless you hit the lottery. Matt says it “is very much a continuum, with small steps you can take along the way to make progress.” But before you start the process, you must first understand “where” you are in that continuum.

That brings us to the first stage: “Awareness.” You must confront your finances in an honest manner by recognizing your problems, such as credit card debt, and your goals. This is a comprehensive and insightful post. Read it all and you’ll feel better about your financial future.

3. Midyear Checkup: 8 Steps to Finish 2016 Fiscally Fit

Money Talks News – I know, we’re already discussing the year’s end – and it feels like it just began. But reality is tough, and the reality is, we’re halfway through 2016 already. And if you made any financial new year’s resolutions, Angela says: “Follow these eight easy steps for a thorough midyear financial checkup.”

The third step is something I must do too: “Check on your retirement plan.” If you don’t think you’ll have enough retirement savings, read this post on 6 Ways to Ensure Enough Money for Retirement. Also, check out Angela’s seventh step. It’s important.

4. The Silver Lining to Student Loan Debt

Millennial Money Man – Finding a “silver lining” inside nearly $1.3 trillion of student loan debt sounds impossible — but Matt tries his best. By the way, he and his girlfriend are swamped by debt. And that debt has provided him with “money lessons” he wouldn’t have learned or cared about.

Those money lessons fill him with optimism for the future. The first lesson is: “Appreciating Every Dollar.” Now that he’s earning a paycheck, he appreciates “how much each dollar is worth.” Check out the other money lessons Matt has learned. Also, let us know if you’ve learned any valuable lessons because of your debt.

5. 9 Ways to Save Money on Your Expensive Cable Bill

Len Penzo dot Com – An expensive cable bill drives me nuts. I recently called my cable company and reduced my bill. Mikey says you can do the same and still enjoy your favorite programs. His second tip is: “Compare Rates.”

You can use a website he provides. Once you find lower prices, he says “call your cable company and threaten to leave if they don’t lower your price.” But don’t go into the conversation angry — be polite and informed. Check out his other tips. The eighth one is especially helpful.

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