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1. 20 Clever Ways to Make Extra Money

Money Talks News — If you need extra money (and who doesn’t), check out Maryalene’s list. It combines easy and some more physical activities that almost anyone can do. The eighth suggestion is: “Make money with your phone.” She also provides “a big list of apps” you can review.

The 16th suggestion is: “Rent your friendship.” That may sound a bit strange but it’s supposedly safe. She also includes a website address. The more physical jobs include walking and picking up after dogs and manual labor jobs such as weeding or gardening. Check out these weird jobs found on Craigslist.

2. 31 Signs You’re Financially Stable

Frugal Rules — John provides these signs so we can decide if we’re financially secure or not. The seventh sign is: “You Don’t Fight with Your Partner.” I guess you could be financially stable and still fight with your spouse. But in this case, you and your spouse are not fighting over money matters. If you are fighting over money, there’s a good chance your marriage will fail.

The twenty-third sign is: “Spending Money Just to Spend Doesn’t Appeal to You.” Even if you have the money or can afford something that you want, you don’t buy it because you don’t need it. That’s an interesting point. On the flipside, if you have the money you can treat yourself occasionally and not feel guilty.

3. Exactly How to Handle Not Hitting Your Money Goals

Half Banked —  If you set financial goals, there’s a good chance you won’t reach them all the time. That’s life. But you can do something about it, and I don’t mean cry about it. That won’t help the situation. Desirae provides four easy steps that will help you “hit” your goals next time.

The first step is: “Review Your Spending.” That seems like a logical starting point. If you use an online financial management tool like PowerWallet, this step is easy because the tool tracks your spending for you. Once you find out what you’ve been spending or wasting your money on, review the next three steps.

4. 5 Ridiculous Myths About Debt

Life and My Finances — Derek believes that most Americans make “stupid decisions” that put them in debt. And it’s mostly because they believe in these five myths. The third myth is “I can’t survive without debt.” He found a report that revealed nearly 70 percent of people polled believe that debt is necessary. And that’s not including mortgages.

The debt does include credit cards, student loans and car loans. Derek provides three solutions for each category. For example, regarding credit card debt he says “If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it.” Sage advice. Check out the other four common debt myths and see if you abide by them.

5. Protecting Yourself From Fraud

My Alternate Life — Jordann has never been “a victim of credit card fraud.” She thinks that’s part luck but also partly because she’s  vigilant. She has set up account alerts, notifications, and views her credit card statements online.  She also takes other “security precautions” — and lists them for us.

Check out her full post. This is a important subject. For more information on fraud and identity theft, check out these posts: Future of Fraud Management, Worst Part About Fraud and Identity Theft Basics.

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