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1. 8 Ways to Stay Motivated When Nothing Is Going Right

Len Penzo dot Com — When you think about it, motivation powers our lives. Without it we struggle at work, at relationships, and with our finances. It impacts everything. Once you lose your motivation, things fall apart. And “when nothing is going right” matters become worse. Mikey says we “feel deflated, perhaps a failure.”

If you’ve lost your mojo, check out his tips. I like the fifth one: “Recognize That You Can’t Control Everything.” I struggle with this issue and I know others who also struggle with it. If you feel like you’ve lost control of a project or situation, he quotes a motivational speaker who says keep working: “Action is the antidote for frustration.”

2. How to Create a Retirement Plan – Simple Tips to Get Started and Stay on Track

Cash Money Life — If you haven’t started retirement planning, or even if you have, read this comprehensive post. Kevin says, “there are plenty of options, and all you have to do is choose one and move forward with it.” Sounds easy but it takes discipline and motivation.

Everything starts with his first tip: “Start Now – No Matter How Small Your Income Is.” Too many people think that their salary prohibits them from starting a retirement plan. Not true in most cases. He says, deduct a small amount, like $50 per pay period, from your check. Make the deduction automated. If you don’t see the money, you won’t miss it. Read this post.

3. Do You Find Money Talk Boring? Try This Instead

Think Save Retire — Steve describes money talk as “boring and mundane.” He’s got a point. I would rather discuss fishing. But discussing money has it’s place. And if we “reframe” our money discussions, they could become exciting — or at the very least more interesting.

So how do we “reframe” these discussions? Don’t focus on compound interest, yields and diversification. Focus on stuff like your future and your career. For example, he and his wife took long walks and discussed what they wanted out of their future. It helped them create a financial plan that provided Steve with early retirement options.

4. 5 Ways to Save Money After You Increase Your Income

Single Moms Income — Chonce says “earning money is only half the equation when it comes to improving your financial situation.” She says, when you do receive a raise, don’t spend it. Think of it as another savings opportunity. Sounds like sage advice. Check out her five interesting savings suggestions.

I like the fifth one: “Focus on Properly Managing Your Earnings.” Remember why you worked so hard for that raise. Was it for “flashy clothes,” or other material possessions? If it was, I certainly hope you’re also working toward retirement or other more substantial goals. Read her post and check out this one on the best places for your money in 2017.

5. 23 Top Tips to Save Money on Clothing

Money Talks News — I don’t buy many clothes. But I hear other people complain about the cost. Angela says “Americans spend more than $1,800 a year — that’s about $150 a month — on clothing and accessories.” I’m clearly not one of those Americans, but if you are, read this post and start saving.

I love the 11th tip: “Skip expensive workout clothing.” Amen. I look like a slob when I’m working out — my clothes aren’t cool or trendy. But I do buy decent sneakers. I also found the 22nd tip interesting: “Treat clothes shopping like grocery shopping.” In other words, prepare a list and don’t deviate from it.

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