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1. 6 Student Loan Repayment & Forgiveness Programs You May Qualify For

Money Crashers — We can’t talk enough about student loan debt, especially since it surpassed the trillion dollar mark. And it seems like other personal finance blogs feel the same way. In this case, Kyle thoughtfully presents six different student loan forgiveness programs.

Kyle says, “These programs, which help reduce or eliminate student loan debt in exchange for your services and expertise, frequently involve working in under-served communities.” They include Healthcare worker programs, Volunteer programs and more. This blog is worth a careful look.

2. Three Simple Steps to Financial Independence

Debt Roundup – Achieving financial independence seems like an unobtainable goal for many people. But Grayson provides three no-nonsense steps that can help you realize that goal. One warning though, following these steps will test your discipline, diligence and endurance.

The first step is: “Live On As Little As You Can.” If you have gym memberships or magazine subscriptions end them. Work out for free and get a library card. You can easily cut expenses if you carefully evaluate your spending habits. Here’s some additional saving advice from two fanatically frugal people.

3. 8 Ways to Get Your FICO Score for Free

Money Talks News –If you don’t know what a FICO score is, it’s the Fair Isaac Corp. score. FICO is the company that invented credit scoring. Marilyn says FICO “claims its scores are used by 90 percent of “top” lenders in the United States.” Therefore, you really should know your score.

One way you can get your FICO score is through a bank or credit card company. Marilyn lists the banks and credit card companies that provide your score for free. But you must be a “customer or cardholder.” For additional information check out our Credit Score Facts and Stats.

4. Grocery Budgeting Is the Bane of My Existence

Our Freaking Budget – I understand Ashley’s situation. Grocery budgeting is tricky – especially when, at least in Ashley’s case, your ice cream stock requires replenishing but you’re already at your budget’s limit. It’s a bummer.

There are ways you can stretch other areas of your groceries, though. For example, Ashley “usually buy[s] one bulk amount of meat for the week from Costco.” She then uses it for multiple meals – and saves enough money for additional ice cream. Read her post, it’s entertaining.

5. 101 Ways to Save Money

Saving Freak – We love saving money and The Freak provides more tips we can all use. He says, “The bulk of this article will be dedicated to providing you with ideas on spending less money.” But you shouldn’t spend this extra money. It belongs in your savings account.

He breaks up the savings tips into nine sections. These sections include “How to Save Money on Health Expenses”, “Spending Less on Transportation” and more. Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, shows you how to save money by ignoring it.

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