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15 Minutes a Week Can Change Your Relationship to Money

Broke Millennial — In the time it takes to fold the clothes or check your email, you could also improve your finances. Erin sets the scene for us: Every Sunday night just before she crashes on the couch with her boyfriend, she does one more important thing. She holds a money meeting.

There are no special guests at this meeting. Nope. Just Erin, her computer, a pen and paper. I’m not going to tell you everything she does or accomplishes. You should read for yourself. And then read about five foolish financial habits to break now.

2. Some Things I Wish I Would Have Learned in College

A Wealth of Common Sense — Ben speaks at colleges. He recently spoke to college students at Grand Valley State University. He says, “I mostly try to share my story and tell them some of the stuff I wish someone had told me about when I was in school.”

Ben shares some advice with us. I like the fifth piece: “Think in terms of systems over goals.” He explains that hoping to accrue a million bucks is a goal. But setting up the “processes” so you can become more wealthy is a system. He provides good advice for us all.  Check out this advice about credit cards.

3. Learning How To Budget: 7 Easy Steps To Build Wealth

Money Smart Guides — We’ve discussed budgeting many times before. But Jon says he brings a new perspective. His post doesn’t regard budgeting as boring or life-altering in a negative way. He believes we shouldn’t think of budgeting as a financial shackle. We should “look for the possibilities” budgeting offers.

But he also admits that he hated budgeting when he first started. Things have changed now because he’s learned two things: Budgeting takes patience and perseverance. Review his seven steps and then read about a simple trick for always staying on budget.

4. How to Feel Financially Equal (Even When You’re Not)

Stefanie O’Connell — 70 percent of couples say they argue about money. And when one person makes much more than their spouse, discussing money issues becomes difficult. Especially if the person making all the dough believes the money should give them additional influence or power in the relationship.

Stefanie says: “One of the biggest mistakes couples with different incomes make is allowing the partner with the higher income to make all the financial decisions.” Your relationship should not be based on just money. She believes talking it over helps tremendously. Read her post and then check out why couples aren’t talking about money.

5. 4 Reasons You Should Call Your Credit Card Company Today

Money Talks News — Don’t pay those high credit card rates — ask for a reduced rate. Karla found a new survey that revealed 69 percent of people who asked for a lower interest rate received it. The good news doesn’t stop there: 87 percent received a great break on credit card fees, such as a “late payment fee waiver.”

But the survey also revealed that barely half of those surveyed never inquired about the four most successful requests. I gave you two, check out the post and discover what else you could save money on.

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