Never feel poor, feel happy, spring clean, beat debt and protect yourself.

1. 5 Key Points That Will Never Let You Feel Poor

Getting a Rich Life — Money helps us “survive and achieve our goals.” But this blogger also says money basically causes trouble — especially if we don’t manage it properly. And our mismanagement, such as overspending, makes us feel poor and unhappy. But we won’t feel that way, if we use these five key points.

Start by gaining “Absolute Knowledge About Finance.” Reading and other personal finance websites helps achieve that goal. Budgeting also helps. If you don’t prefer budgeting the old-fashioned way with paper and pencil, try an online tool such as PowerWallet. Check out this post and stop feeling poor.

2. It’s Not How Much Money You Earn That’ll Make You Happy (Trust Me)

Jessica Moorhouse — For Jessica, 2016 brought joy but also “a big ball of stress.” She started earning much more money than at any other time in her life, “but it didn’t matter.” She “was absolutely miserable.” Miserable because she wasn’t practicing what she preaches: Money. Life. Balance.

She worked a full-time job during the day and ran her business at night, which ruined life and balance. And to make matters worse, her stress made her spend recklessly. She says “being able to earn a good living and spend freely” won’t bring happiness in most cases. Read her post and find out why.

3. 13 Smart Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

Money Talks News — Spring feels months away for the people still in winter’s frigid grip. But don’t fret, Marilyn brings spring dreams in the form of financial tips. She modifies the “long standing tradition” to help you clean up your “mess of files and financial records.”

The sixth one, “Decide: Toss or keep,” troubles many people. She says, trash instruction manuals for stuff you don’t own anymore, “utility bills, receipts, reconciled bank statements” and more. But she also says in her eighth tip, shred the stuff that puts your identity at risk. Check out her other tips.

4. How to Get Out of Debt and Win in Five Simple Steps 

Luke 1428 — Debt destroys lives — not just financially but physically and emotionally. Brian fully understands that fact. He says “excessive debt will cripple your wealth building process” and more. It also ruins marriages. With that in mind, he provides five simple steps anyone can use.

The first one interests me: “Get angry.” He says defeating debt starts “on the inside, in your soul.” Half-hearted efforts won’t work. Go all in on this endeavor with a “win-at-all-costs” attitude. The reasoning behind the anger stems from the sheer difficulty of paying down debt. If you don’t cop an attitude, you probably won’t win.

5. Identity Fraud Reaches Record Levels: Why You Should Be Protecting Yourself Better 

Thinking Thrifty — Last year, a criminal hacked into David’s PayPal account. How did the person manage it? A weak password. Now he takes identity fraud seriously. also takes identity fraud seriously. We’ve written on the subject many times, including this post on correcting an identity theft issue.

He says protect yourself now by ensuring “you have very strong passwords with a mixture of capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.” Read this post and take his advice. Identity theft won’t go away any time soon. It’s actually on the rise.

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