College students, negative equity, vacation loans, positive mindset and more.

1. 3 Frugal Living Tips for College Students

MoneyNing — If you’re child is heading for college soon (mine is), then you should read this post. Once they settle on campus or off, they’ll be in charge of their own money. Once that occurs, financial stress soon follows. These money saving tips can help alleviate that stress.

I like the third one: “Be a leader.” Tracy says, “It’s alarmingly easy to blow all of your money in college by following the crowd.” Yep. If your kid is with a crowd at a restaurant or where ever, and they’re spending money, you’re child might follow.

2. How I Got Out of Negative Equity

Chain of Wealth — Katie first explains what negative equity is: “Negative equity results when you have an asset that is worth less than the loan value on that asset.” That’s what happened when Katie co-signed on a car loan for a friend.

He friend pleaded with her and told her that the interest rate on the car loan would decrease with a co-signer. And the friend promised to make all the payments. Well, you know where this story is heading. Give the post a read, it’s really interesting and informative.

3. Vacation Loans are a No-Good Horrible Idea

Corporate Monkey, CPA — Sounds like Jo Jo Bo Bo (his blog name), doesn’t like vacation loans. I don’t blame him. At first, he didn’t think they were a real thing — and then he did a quick search and realized how “naïve” he was.

He found out that “Americans who debt-finance their vacations, on average, pay far more money per vacation than those who pay with savings!” Check out his post. He discusses credit card debt, home equity loans for vacations and more. It’s nuts.

4. Is What You Want Really Actually What You Want?

Save. Spend. Splurge. — This blogger has “colleagues” that don’t seem happy with what they have — they always want bigger and better stuff. And that stuff costs more money, which they may or may not have.

The blogger thinks that people buy really expensive cars and homes because it shows that they have power and success.  But they should buy things for different reasons. It’s kind of like keeping up with the Joneses. Read the post then check out why Americans don’t know enough about money.

5. How a Positive Money Mindset Can Make You Rich

Frugal Rules — Cat says, “experts have been preaching the importance of having positive thoughts and now, many are applying that to money.” There are two types of money mindsets, abundance mindset and scarcity mindset.

Adopting the abundance outlook is the healthier financial mindset. If you have the scarcity mindset, or maybe no mindset at all, she provides three ways you can gain a positive outlook on life and money. Check out the blog.


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