Growing up poor, saving money, hating money, financial resiliency, and more.

1. 11 Perks of Growing Up Poor (I can’t tell if I sound crazy…)

The Frugal Gene — The Frugal Gene grew up poor — like showers that rarely worked and only two pants to wear through middle school, poor. But she learned some financial and life lessons from her childhood — even if, as an adult, she might think she sounds a little crazy.

For example, her tenth perk: “You know how to live with less.” The Frugal Gene doesn’t idolize “superficial lifestyles” and certainly doesn’t keep up with the Joneses. She and her husband budget, save and live life without all the unnecessary baggage that some people worship.

2. 5 Money Saving Challenges That Actually Work

Rock Star Finances — Irina believes frugal living is fun. You just simply, “Turn it into a game with money-saving challenges that genuinely work.” She first sets four rules for this game. The third rule is: You must keep score. If you don’t, you won’t know how you’re progressing.

She then presents the five money saving challenges. The second one — The 12-Month Money Saving Challenge — seems tough, but she includes a cool chart with examples of what expenses you can cut each month. Check out her other challenges and give one a go.

3. How to Manage Money When You Hate Money

The Wild Wong — In the past, Kristin didn’t bother thinking about her health. She ate poorly, didn’t exercise, and drank coffee all day. After getting a stomach ulcer, she changed. But she noticed that many people treat their money like she treated her health — they ignore it.

She says some people, “simply don’t care to learn how to manage money.” They are called “money avoiders.” She provides four valuable tips that help people better manage their money, even if they want to avoid it.

4. 3 Tiers of Financial Resiliency: How to Create a Shock-Proof Life

PF Geeks — PF Geeks says, “When it comes to money, most people are fragile, scared, and don’t know what they’re doing.” He backs that statement with a few stats. For example, the average savings rate for Americans in 2017 was 2.8 percent. Not good.

He also says that the “nuts and bolts of personal finances are incredibly simple.” He breaks them down into three categories, but they aren’t the three tiers. He writes about them later in the post, and it’s an informative read.

5. Beat Murphy’s Law With… The Classic Car Emergency Fund Model

The Financial Freedom Project — Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Murphy’s Law, and it always strikes at the worst moments. Mr. FFP explains how we can prepare ourselves and even defeat this money-draining adversary.

And it “doesn’t involve stressing over how to pay for necessary bills or repairs and one which won’t force you into debt.” You simply look at the classic car photo on this post and read his explanation. Here’s a hint, it involves a spare tire.

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