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1. How to Drive Your Car To 200,000 Miles 

Money Under 30 — Lou never owned a new car. He hates how they depreciate the second you drive them off the lot. He says, “That’s why I’ll be driving my sweet 1998 Toyota minivan to 200,000 miles and beyond.”

I have owned new cars, but currently own a Honda Element with over 175,00 miles, so I’m with Lou. He provides six tips that will help keep your vehicle running beyond the 200,000 mile mark. For example, change your oil “religiously.” Amen.

2. 4 Signs Your Emergency Fund is Too Big

Wise Bread — Can your emergency fund actually get too big? Dan says,  “Yes, if you could be using that extra money to invest, pay off high-interest debt, or boost your retirement savings.” Let’s check out the signs.

The second one: “You’re behind on your retirement saving” is interesting. He believes if you have healthy emergency fund, you should start moving extra money toward an IRA or mutual fund. Read his post and find out if your fund is too big.

3. What’s the Right Way to Mix Money and Marriage?

Money Talks News — Experts say 57 percent of divorced couples cited money problems as the primary reason for their divorce. Stacey provides some strong advice with the hope you won’t become a statistic. He also disagrees with Suze Orman’s thoughts on prenuptials, which is funny.

He also discusses creating a will and how to fairly mix money and marriage. Stacy uses his own marriage as an example. Check this post out if you’re thinking about tying the knot. Then read this post about why couples aren’t talking about money.

4. 35 of the Best Fiverr Gigs to Start and Grow Your Business

Side Hustle Nation — Thinking about joining the growing entrepreneur crowd or increasing your business traffic? If so, Nick provides “the best Fiverr gigs you can buy to help get your side hustle business off the ground on the cheap.”

But before you start up a business, Nick also shares four gigs that help you set up your business. For example, there a “Start Up Checklist and Project Plan.”  Check out the helpful gigs and start making more money.

5. Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Wild and Precious Life

Sunburnt Saver — Mellissa begins this post with, “Mary Oliver, the poet who wrote The Summer Day, which reads: “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”” Many college students probably couldn’t answer that question.

And college grads saddled with debt, like Mellissa, can’t really live their “wild and precious life” because money is tight. But just because she can’t, for various reasons, doesn’t mean others won’t have a chance. Read her post, it may help you change your mind about college and student loan debt.

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