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1. How (and Why) to Reward Yourself While Paying Off Debt

Life and My Finances — Kimberly believes focusing “hard on paying off debt” is good, but rewarding yourself is good too.  She provides four examples of “how” you can reward yourself and at the end gives you the “why.”

One reason why you should reward yourself is motivation. Without it, you might quit paying off the debt. Why you ask? Frustration. Many people literally get sick and tired over their debt and just throw their hands up in defeat. Check out how you can stay motivated while paying down debt.

2. What is Budgeting and Why is a Budget Important

Well Kept Wallet — We’ve discussed budgeting at length before, but it’s a topic that deserves attention. Laurie says when she first started thinking about budgeting, “I’d have visions of living on rice and beans for the rest of my life.”

That’s funny. It’s also true for many people. She first states what a budget is and then provides five reasons why budgeting should be a priority. For example, “Budgeting Identifies Overspending.” Read her other reasons and start budgeting yourself.

3. PS: The Less You Spend, The Less You Need to Earn

Budgets are Sexy — Three years ago J. Money found a quote by Mister Money Mustache that profoundly impacted him. I won’t quote the whole passage but the gist is, if you spend less, you won’t require a ton of money.

He then discusses how he cut “roughly $223/mo from my recurring expenses.” I like his story about how he cut his cell phone expenses. That’s probably something we can all do. Check out this post, it’s informative.

4. Saving Money for College Does More than Pay Tuition

The Frugal Gene — Lily’s college saving years started when she was 16. She “held two multimedia based internships” where she received money.  And as an 18-year-old college student she had $5,000 in the bank. Her parents didn’t have much money, so she appreciated every penny.

She says, “I hated the feeling of my cash leaving. I was naturally frugal during school, I never felt tempted by cars and I did not have to pester my parents for money.” Saving all that money gave her a respect for money and saving. Read her post.

5. 13 Ways to Enjoy Life Without Spending A Lot of Money

MoneyNing — Money and fun don’t necessarily walk hand-in-hand. Scott says, “If you feel you need to have a lot of money to really enjoy life, I am afraid you are sadly mistaken.” He proves this by offering these 13 ways.

I like the first one: “Walk the Beach.” I especially like it when I bring my fishing pole along. I get exercise and enjoy my favorite hobby. There are some cool things on this list. Try them out and while you’re at it, let us know how you have fun without spending money.


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