Three horsemen, money mistakes, frugality, alternative housing and more.

1. The Three Horsemen That Will Make You Rich or Poor

Wealth Well Done — Billy took a walk one cold Minnesota night, and as he pondered his existence, he suddenly started thinking about “the financial decisions I make on a daily basis, and how they impact my overall life.” Heavy stuff.

He came up with the three horsemen you will face during your life. They are houses, hovercrafts and hobbies. Each one, depending on how you react to them, can make you richer or poorer. Read his post and find out how.

2. Foolish Money Mistakes — and How to Avoid Them

Get Rich Slowly — J.D realizes everyone makes mistakes. He discusses the mistakes he made — like what he did with the $5,000 he received after his father passed away. And he provides a list of money mistakes other people have made.

He then gives tips on how you should cope with your errors in judgement. The first is “educate yourself.” Many people have no formal or informal financial training. They simply don’t know much about money management. Read his other tips.

3. Real Life Frugality — 20+ Ways Our Family of 5 is Frugal

Making Sense of Cents — Ariel never considered herself a frugal person, but after thinking carefully about it, she realizes “in a lot of ways, I am frugal.” So, she came up with these 20+ ways to help other people find their frugal selves.

One caught my eye: “I create silly spending rules when grocery shopping.” She won’t spend over $2.50 for cereal and other rules. I like it. Check out the other ways she and her family save money.

4. Make Saving Easy and Spending Hard

Gen Y Finance Guy — This is a guest post by the Simple Money Man. He opens it with a thought-provoking statement: “A part of me has this weird conspiracy theory that we spend so much because we are subliminally trained to do so.”

He then provides each category with three ways we can make saving easy and spending hard. For making spending hard, he says preplan your weekend or leisure time. If you don’t, last minute decisions could end up costing you money. Check out the full post.

5. 5 Cheap Alternative Housing Solutions to Consider

Frugal Rules — Buying a home may be the American Dream, but let’s face it, not everyone can afford a home or wants the responsibilities home ownership brings. Cat comes up with some alternatives — and some are cool.

She first goes over the benefits that these housing options offer. For example, you probably won’t own as much stuff, which saves money. My favorite housing alternative is the Tiny Home. I’m not sure I could live in one, but they certainly are a viable option.

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