Upgrade credit, a simple trick, money with pets, your paycheck and more.

1. How to Upgrade Your Credit Card

Five Cent Nickel — If you use credit cards responsibly, it might be time for an upgrade if you qualify. Upgrading provides a few important perks. For example, Abby says you can change cards and receive better rewards.

But there are other important perks that might help you pay your bills more efficiently, such as locating a card with a lower APR. She says this is especially helpful “if you’re planning to use the card to finance a large purchase that will take several months to pay off.”

2. A Simple Trick for Getting Credit Card Interest Charges Waived

Len Penzo dot Com — Len doesn’t believe that credit card companies are evil or “care only about one thing: making a profit.” He says for over 30 years as a customer, he’s never been screwed over by his credit card company.

And why might that be? He’s a “financially responsible” customer who pays his bills on time — except for one time. He tells the story about that one time he screwed up and how he got $107.47  in interest charges erased. Check it out.

3. Track and Improve Your Credit

Moolanomy — This blogger starts off with four things your “credit score can impact.” The first is eye-opening: “Whether or not you spend an extra $50,000 in interest when you buy a house.” That’s motivation enough to improve your credit.

He then offers three steps that will help you track your credit. His first tip is get a copy of your credit report. And don’t worry about cost, you can get a copy for free. Read this post and then check out how you can increase your credit score.

4. 10 Incredibly Cool Ways to Make Money with Pets

Family Money Plan — If you’re an animal lover, why not turn that love into some cold hard cash. The first way is pet walking. Andrew also has a post that tells how one person made $34,000 a year walking dogs.

There are some crazy ideas in this post, such as raising chickens, but most ideas could work with some luck and a few different skills. Once your finish reading, read this post on why pets are costing us millions of dollars.

5. Plan Out Your Paycheck

The Broke Professional — Syed says: “The key to getting ahead financially is to spend less than you earn.” He also admits that it’s easier said than done. Especially when so many people abuse their credit cards and have no plan for their paychecks.

He provides advice on how you should set up your checking accounts so you know where your money is going. He also has an interesting section about “paying yourself first.” Give this a read and start planning out your paycheck — it will improve your finances.

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