Build credit, no credit history, reverse lifestyle creep, money and confidence and more.

1. 9 Ways to Build Credit Without a Credit Card — Brian provides some other options for building credit if you don’t have a credit card, can’t qualify for one, or just can’t manage them without going into debt.

The second one is interesting: “Credit Builder Loans.” You take out a small loan at a credit union or bank and pay it off — then and only then can you access the funds. Brian says the loans often have low interest rates, which is a plus. Read about his other options.

2. How to Build Credit for Your Kids While They’re Young — What to Do and When

Money Crashers — Adults aren’t the only ones who can build their credit — kids get the chance, too. But they need your help. On Brian’s 16th birthday, his parents made him an authorized user on their credit card, with strings attached.

He provides 16 ways you can not only help your kids build credit, but also teach them the importance of using credit wisely. Check out this post, it’s interesting.

3. The Best Cards for Beginners — How to Get a Credit Card with No Credit History

Money Under 30 — Kevin says, “One of the most frustrating adventures for young people, particularly when coming out of school, is getting that first credit card.” It’s difficult because most young people don’t have a credit history.

You can solve that problem by reading the second post carefully. Otherwise, he discusses student credit cards and offers a few examples. They have a high APR, sometimes nearing 25 percent, so you should be careful with them. Give this a read if you’re interested in building a credit history safely.

4. 9 Ways to Reverse Lifestyle Creep

Wise Bread — Lifestyle creep is when you start making more money and, at the same time, start spending more money. Tim says, “The problem with lifestyle creep is that things can crash down on you if your income drops.”

If you think you’re suffering from lifestyle creep, use these tips and curb your spending. I like the fourth one: “Seek value over luxury.” He says this is all about striking the “perfect balance between value and price.”

5. Money and Confidence are Interchangeable

Mister Money Mustache — The Mustache discusses making a “mental leap” from the “permanent pursuit of the unattainable,” to having a decent amount of money for retirement. It’s really his story from the early years when he was insecure to now.

He supplies a “recipe for badass confidence” — in case you’re suffering from insecurity or “are putting off happiness” for reasons that shouldn’t really impact you. The goal of this post is providing you with the freedom to live happy.

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