Enemy of good, grit, the process, fine print and financial STDs.

1. Is Perfect the Enemy of Good? Are We Shooting too High?

DiverseFi  — Doc G warns his patients that “shooting too high with our goals can have disastrous consequences.” He sees it often when patients work out too hard at the gym or go on crash diets. It doesn’t work.

He believes it’s the same with personal finance. He acknowledges that his money management habits aren’t always perfect — but they work for his family. Read this blog before you start setting new money goals.

2. Are You Gritty Enough to Become Financially Independent?

Millennial Revolution — Firecracker discusses the difference between the “growth mindset” and the “fixed mindset.” One helps you develop new skills, thus helping you improve your finances, while the other hinders your growth.

This is a lengthy post but well worth the read if you’re interested in developing a gritty personality. I especially enjoyed the examples of people who lacked confidence but ended up achieving things they never thought possible.

3. Get Rich with…The Process

The Escape Artist — The Escape Artist says “Most people don’t want to be rich.” They think they do and might even say it out loud, but they either don’t understand the process or “they aren’t willing to go through that process.”

OK, so what’s the process? I’ll let you decide for yourself after you read the post. My guess is the struggling you must go through to achieve financial independence — unless you win the lottery. And how you view those struggles. Check it out.

4. Lesson Learned: Read the Fine Print

I Dream of Fire — This is a short post. But it makes an extremely valuable point. Reading the fine print on any contract or deal you’re making is a must — especially when you’re dealing with loans or credit cards.

In this blogger’s case, the fine print didn’t cost him money, it offered him money. I’ll let you read his story. But please remember, not reading the fine print is a cardinal sin that could damage your finances.

5. 6 Reasons Why Debt is Like a Financial STD

FI Me Outta Debt — Cal compares sexually transmitted diseases with what he labels as Scary Transferable Debt. And he believes they both have similarities and consequences — and “can be equally devastating.”

The second reason is, “It can spread to your spouse.” He says, “Just with any STD, it will spread to your significant other.” His point being, if you have serious debt, then your spouse will also have serious debt. Check out the other reasons.

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