Falling off the wagon, credit habits, frugal and cheap and cleaning.

1. On ‘Falling Off the Wagon’

The Simple Dollar — Trent admits that over the years he’s been “caught up in the heat of the moment and spent more money than I should have.” Hey, it happens. But, why did it happen?

Trent discusses what goes through his mind after he makes a bad financial decision, the “short term and long term consequences” and how he stops himself from continuing down the wrong spending path. Read this post if you’ve fallen off the wagon.

2. 10 Steps to Break the Credit Card Habit

Consumerism Commentary — Abby presents four questions and says: “If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions, you need some major changes.” In other words, you’re probably making some poor financial decisions with your credit cards.

If that’s the case, she provides 10 steps that will help you cure your credit malady. The eighth step seems drastic, but it will work if you have the discipline: “Enact a cash-only policy.” Once you’ve finished with this post, check out our kick credit cards to the curb post.

 3. The Difference Between Frugal and Cheap

Kongtemplate — This blogger discusses how people view frugality and cheapness in different ways. He also provides some funny examples of people definitely being cheap. For example, a friend who uses paper towels over and over again.

I enjoyed the part about frugality and how it contains “virtues” that transcend simple financial matters. It seems like frugality is almost a lifestyle philosophy for many people. Good read. Check it out and decide for yourself — are you cheap or frugal?

4. One Simple Way You Can Help Kids Be Smarter About Money

Financial Best Life — Kids often learn about money by watching their parents. They rarely get taught money management skills in school. Lauren admits that “I don’t ever remember my parents talking to me about money when I was little.”

She’s not alone. Most parents don’t discuss financial issues with their kids. But Lauren thinks she can help. She started TalkingInClass.org. It’s an interesting concept. Check it out and help out the future generation with their finances.

5. Ways to do Budget Friendly Cleaning

Budget Pulse — I never thought cleaning a house could bust your budget. But when you think about all the cleaners involved and Swiffer products, etc., it really adds up. Fortunately, this blogger provides four cleaning hacks.

I like the third one: “Maintain the Cleaning Daily.”  No, that doesn’t mean clean your whole house everyday. It means, when there’s a mess, clean it up immediately. Dirty dishes or stains left for a few days become harder to clean.

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