Moving back home, rebuilding credit, owning a pet, spending your tax refund and more.

1. Should You Move Back Home? The Pros and Cons Of Living With Your Parents Again

Money Under 30 — Christopher provides four pros and three cons for moving back with your parents. But first he quickly states that: “Moving back in with your parents sucks.” Maybe. It’s certainly uncomfortable if you’ve been living on your own. Anyway, one great thing about moving back is you save money.

Like Christopher says, your parents probably won’t overcharge you for rent. But on the flipside, a con is you may start overspending. Since you don’t have much rent, you could start impulse buying, which will quickly ruin your financial health. Check out the other pros and cons.

2. How This Mom Paid Off $100,000 in Student Loan Debt

The College Investor — Germaine and her husband graduated with a combined $80,000 in student loans, which over time rose to $100,000. She says that they weren’t really thinking about paying off the debt right after college. They wanted to “live the life.” They made a combined $150,000 but their lifestyle cost them, and before they knew it the debt ballooned.

Germaine’s father gave her a personal finance book and she realized quickly that she and her husband must “change their mindset.” They learned about “keeping up with the Joneses” and budgeting. This is an interesting post. Read it and start paying back your student loans.

3. 5 Steps to Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

DoughRoller — Sometimes filing for bankruptcy is necessary. Michael says, “when you file for bankruptcy, you’re taking a credit score hit now so that you can ultimately save your credit score and finances in the long run.” His first step is budgeting. If you have any remaining debt, make sure you can pay it off.

The third step, apply for a secured credit card, should only take place once you have your other finances under control. He supplies a link to the best cards and notes that they will  “report your usage to all three credit bureaus.” Read this post and then check out the pros and cons of bankruptcy.

4. The Cost of Pet Ownership: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Get Rich Slowly — This blogger tells a story about his pets. He and his wife own three cats and a dog. They spend approximately $200 a month on the animals — this number includes treats, toys and pet-sitting. He provides some money-saving tips and discusses when “you draw the line” on expenses.

It’s an interesting post, especially if you have pets or are thinking about investing in a pet. And believe me, it really is an investment — and you not only invest money, you also invest time. Once you’re through reading, here’s a post about how our pets are getting fatter and costing us more.

5. 10 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Living on the Cheap — Dawn says when you receive your tax refund, don’t blow the whole check on some “short-term whim.” But treating yourself is okay. She also makes an interesting point: Most people “have a hard time with the idea of simply blending any new money into existing accounts.”

We end up treating it like free money and freak out. So, before you do anything irrational with your refund, review these smart tips. I like the second and third tips: Put it in your IRA or emergency fund. You could also put a large chunk on your mortgage or high interest debt. Just do something smart that works for you.

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