1. How to Save More Money and Time Grocery Shopping

Sunburnt Savor — If you enjoy grocery shopping, Melissa says this post isn’t for you. This post concentrates on using meal planning services, which work for some people with busy schedules. She’s created her own organized system.

Melissa plans her meals every Sunday. She says: “All in all, it takes me about 15 minutes to get a list of what we need for the upcoming week.” She breaks this post down into four steps. Check it out if you hate grocery shopping.

2. How to Make Your Debt Go Away

Less Debt More Wine — Liz paid off her credit card debt without sacrificing her personal life. But it wasn’t easy: “Paying off debt while having a life takes balance and a lot of hard work.” She used rewards, discounts and the bartering system.

And now she created the “Accio Debt Freedom Podcast.” This is obviously a play on the Harry Potter theme. Give it a listen, she concentrates on mortgage debt, student loan debt, medical and credit card debt.

3. How to Successfully Prepare for Your Future Financially

Budget Pulse — Premraj makes a good point in his opening sentence: “When you are involved in the busy day-to-day process of working and living, preparing financially for your future can seem hard.” But if you don’t start now, the future will be upon you.

He breaks the post into five sections. The first section makes sense: Start budgeting. It all starts with a budget. The second one, automate your finances, always helps and it makes managing your finances so much easier. Review the other three and start preparing for your future.

4. The Money Doesn’t Care Who Makes It

Defined Sight — Mr. Defined Sight is right, anyone can make money. It may not be easy and it helps if you get a little lucky, but you won’t make it if you don’t try. He provides a great example about his wife’s friend. She created her own business niche and now makes a comfortable living.

This is a motivational post but he also provides five pointers that will help you get started. The second one intrigued me: “Don’t care about what other people think. Care about their feelings.”

5. The New Emergency Fund: 7 Components of an Emergency Plan

Consumerism Commentary — Abby begins her blog by saying: “The world of personal finance is rife with oversimplified platitudes and one-size-fits-all advice.” And emergency fund advice fits in that category.

How much you save for an emergency and where you keep your money is a personal thing. Her advice uses seven components and they range from keeping cash stashed in the house to pairing down your budget. Check out her ideas.

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