1. 103 Thing to Do on a Money-Free Weekend

The Simple Dollar — Trent and his wife started “experimenting” with the “money-free weekend” concept a few years back. They literally couldn’t spend one dime on new groceries or any entertainment — not even renting a movie. He said avoiding boredom is the biggest challenge for most people. But not any more.

He put together this “master list” for anyone who’s interested in spending a money-free weekend. Some things just seem like they’re geared toward taking up your time (like learning to juggle), but others are very cool and productive. Check out the list and save some money this weekend.

2. How I Got $100,000 In College Scholarships

I Will Teach You to be Rich — Ramit “built a system to show you exactly how to get scholarships” using the same methods he did as he earned $100,000 in scholarships. He breaks it down into three categories, which include many sub-categories.

His third step: “Apply to all scholarships” sounds intimidating but his system makes it easier. Although, as he says, it will still take some time and effort. His take on writing “an amazing essay” is smart and funny. Read the post and start applying. And don’t forget Debt.com also offers scholarships.

3. 26 Legit Ways to Get Free Money From the Government

Well Kept Wallet — Josh smartly starts this post off by telling you “How to spot a free money scam.” There are four ways. One way is the government doesn’t charge an application fee. Don’t forget to read about the others.

His legit ways include finding unclaimed money to more interesting ways such as the Weatherization Assistance Program. The WAP helps make your home “more energy-efficient.” It also lists resources that help monetarily you if you can’t afford the improvements.

4. 11 Best Places to Find Side Hustle Gigs

Side Hustle Nation — Nick is a side hustle specialist. Check out his profile and learn more about his method. He says finding the proper side hustle “depends on your skills and expertise, and also what you want out of your side gig.”

He includes resources such as Fiverr, which he likes because he made money using it. I thought TaskRabbit sound interesting. He says “the company specializes in matching individuals and companies” — mostly for short-term work.

5. Should You Trust the Machines with Your Money?

Keep Thrifty — The title sound ominous but it’s really all about automating your savings, investments and bills. We’ve discussed automating your savings for things such as an emergency fund, which many people prefer.

But Chris finds the downside of too much automation. For example, automation can make you lazy. In his case, he stopped checking his credit card statements after he automated them. After as few months, his wife checked and found out he’d been paying eight dollar a month account fees. Read the post and decide if automation suits your needs.

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