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1. How to Find, Save and Make Money for Your Kid’s College Fund

Couple Money — Elle doesn’t want her child left with student loan debt after graduation. So she ran some numbers and found a family with a 5-year-old could save $25,000 with a $100 a month contribution. Not bad.

But as she says, “The challenge for many couples is getting the money to contribute.” No problem. She found a bunch of ways you can save money. For example, unbundling your entertainment. Check out her other ideas and start saving.

2. Why Financial Wellness For Women is More Important Than Ever

Clever Girl Finance — Bola says, “As women, being on top of our financial situation is more important than ever.” And then she backs it up with some eye-popping stats such as “90 percent of women” will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in time.

After she opens your eyes up with these stats, she provides four strategies women can use to get their finances in order. For example: “Get organized and budget.” Budgeting helps you better understand your spending and saving habits.

3. 10 Thrift Store Finds You can Give as Gifts

Frugal, Debt Free Life — The holidays are approaching, and with that in mind, Lydia provides some cool gifts that will help us avoid credit card debt. After all, many people overspend during the holidays — but we won’t, right?

Before I highlight a gift or two, Lydia emphasizes: “Items should probably be in good condition and without stains.” I think the first gift makes perfect sense: “Picture frames and art.” Check out the other selections.

4. Who Manages the Money in Your Household?

 Give Me Back My Five Bucks — Krystal states right off that she and her husband “keep our personal savings and retirement account separate.” But they do keep joint accounts for daily spending.
Krystal discusses how they created a budget — she created multiple spreadsheets and how they manage their money. Managing money is in her blood so she pays the bills and some other things. Once you read her blog, tell us how you manage your household finances.

5. On the Right Financial Path? 5 Ways to Tell You’re Doing What Matters Most

Financial Best Life — Everyone’s financial dynamics are different. What works for one person may not work for you. With that in mind, Lauren says she’s not coming out with strict advice, instead she’s “going to talk about a few ways you can tell if the path you’re on is the right one for you.”
The first way interests me the most (although, I think they’re all helpful): Figuring out your money mentality and having it work for you not against you. For example, Lauren has a spending money mentality but understands this and controls it. Read this post and put yourself on the right financial path.

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