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1. No One Cares About Your Stuff, and They Never Will

Minimally Nerdy — Marcus presents two stories for us. One about his grandfather who owned very little, and the other about his grandmother who basically hoarded “porcelain dolls, ceramic dolls, fancy dolls, creepy dolls. Mostly creepy dolls.”

But here’s the interesting part: Marcus took after his grandmother. He collected action figures and T-shirts. But he overcame his hoarding tendencies and now believes “stuff” doesn’t represent you, nor does it impress anyone. He discusses how much money he spent/wasted and provides tips to help anyone who might suffer from these same tendencies.

2. Experience Life While Saving Money

Debt Free Geek — Chris recently received a bonus. He and his wife agreed that they would “take 20 percent of it and do something fun, then invest the rest.” Unfortunately, their fun usually meant spending more money and not much effort planning their time together.

This time they’re trying something different — finding “low-cost (mostly free) activities which require more planning, effort and time.” I’m not telling you what they’re doing with the money, but if sounds fun and rewarding. How do you experience life while saving money?

3. 11 Millionaires and Billionaires With Remarkably Thrifty Habits

Money Talks News — Even the rich practice thrifty habits. Maybe that helps them stay rich? Or maybe, as Gael says, “it’s just common sense.” I love the Warren Buffet story. He still lives in the same home he bought in 1958 for $31,500.

Another cool story includes Queen Elizabeth II. She saves the wrapping paper after birthday gifts or Christmas gifts are opened. They also employ another thrifty habit at Buckingham Palace — you must turn off the lights when you leave a room. I like that. Here are eight things rich people buy that make them look dumb.

4. Save Money by Doing Nothing: Stop the Madness

Duke of Dollars — The Duke says: “We’re an action-oriented bunch, always looking to DO SOMETHING in order to achieve a goal.” But in this case, we do the exact opposite — nothing. The first “nothing” thing we do is: “Stop pining for the latest and greatest.”

You don’t need the latest smart phone, new TV, or other electronic gadget. Stop buying new cars, and the current version of video games, such as Madden or Call of Duty. The Duke provides seven other do-nothing tips that you should investigate.

5. Want to Save Money for Your Summer Adventures? Here’s How!

Sunburnt Saver — If you haven’t started saving for a summer vacation, or are a bit short on money, use Melissa’s five tips and start saving now. I like the third tip: “Cut out extras.” If you’re serious about saving for a memorable vacation, cut out the unnecessary spending.

You know exactly what I mean, too. Don’t buy coffee in the morning for the next month or two, don’t go out for lunch, prepare all your own meals at home, completely cut out all entertainment expenses. Check out her other money-saving tips and then read this post on painless ways to save $1,000.

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